The second day of Phenom’s November Classic carried onward between Providence Day and United Faith Christian. Things kicked off with United Faith seizing the lead and controlling the action for majority of the first half with their balanced approach. 6’2 ’21 LJ Johnson, 6’2 ’22 Xavier Mckelvy, 6’3 ’23 Lance Gill, and 5’10 ’22 Marcus Willis helped mount their 12-20 first quarter lead, which turned into a 18-38 advantage by halftime. The third quarter consisted of more of the same, as United Faith held onto their 25-54 lead and closed things out with a 40-74 victory over Providence Day.

6’2 ’22 Xavier McKelvy (United Faith)

After making his mark as an athlete, McKelvy has highlighted an impressive skillset and overall understanding as a leader by example. He’s still very explosive but looked phenomenal at creating for himself and others, spotting-up, pulling-up from midrange, and finishing through contact around the basket. He rebounded well and overwhelmed his assignment defensively. 

6’3 ’23 Lance Gill (United Faith)

In terms of improvements, Gill has trended upward more than any player on this roster over the last few years. He’s long, versatile, and highlights a pretty useful skillset. Gill can operate within a role or expand his production based on need. He utilizes his body and athleticism well while highlighting a quality feel for the game on both ends of the floor.

6’1 ’22 Quave Propst-Allison (Providence Day)

Despite some struggles as a team, Propst-Allison still stood out as the clear two-way leader of this group. He attacked the basket, made his presence felt in transition, and offered a solid defensive presence at the point of attack. Propst-Allison made smart passes and looked to set up others whenever possible.