By: Kevin Moses

Play: Trey Guthrie
Twitter: @trey_2026
Height: 6’5
Class of 2026
School: Waverly High School

Guthrie proved he belonged in this field of star athletes with a solid performance of his own. He is a strong triple-threat scoring option but an outstanding passer. He was a high-energy player that had a huge impact on both ends. His motor was nonstop, and action packed. Guthrie is extremely unselfish and never took a bad shot.

Focused intently on even the little things to be a leader in every way to impact the game and get the win. He anticipated cuts with percussion passes and timing fueling his team well. He was a force on the boards, being scrappy, tough, and determined to gobble up all the rebounds and quick lookouts to start the break. Amazing footwork inside and positioning to get those but found a way even when he wasn’t.

Defensively, he was pesky and tenacious and had multiple steals per game. Relentless I tell you.' Ruthless rim protector as well. What he didn’t block, the contest caused a ton of bad shots or kickouts. The biggest improvement was the defense through the summer. In the AAU Circuit, Guthrie made his name and his mark averaging 12pts, 15rebs, and 4blks per game. In summer ball with the school, he averaged 16pts, 13rebs, and 4blks per game. This is coming off a season with little action or opportunity for playing time.

I’d say the stage is set for a breakout season for this young star. His goal is simple, make his team better and many accomplish a few milestones along the way but only within the team concept. The hope is to get them as far as they can in the tournament in pursuit of a championship.

Coaches should know it’s his energy and leadership to match his skills that set him apart. This young star is extremely coachable and a tremendous worker and studier of the game. Determined to be the best player he can be with dreams of stardom and the work ethic to get there. Can’t wait for his season.