North Carolina’s Class of 2023 has arguably generated as much buzz as any class in recent memory, especially this early within the process. While most of the attention has been directed to guys like Robert Dillingham, Mikey Williams, Aden Holloway, and Trey Green, there are plenty of names worth being mentioned amongst those in the spotlight. While others like Treymane Parker, Mekhi Grant, and Isaiah Washington were not included, it’s due to their abilities and reputation already being firmly acknowledged across the state. However, names mentioned on this list won’t be complete unknowns, just folks for college coaches to monitor with more haste. Let’s take a look…

6’4 Comeh Emuobor (Ravenscroft)

Usually when players choose to reclassify it’s due to needing an extra year of development or lack of reputation, and Emuobor’s situation is most certainly the latter. In terms of ability, he’s more than capable of remaining in the Class of 2022 and still amassing Division I offers. Emuobor checks virtually every box, showcasing an impressive amount of IQ, polish, and overall skill while also highlighting strength, toughness, and athleticism. He can legitimately run a team or operate within various different roles and still find success. Emuobor can pass, shoot, handle, defend, and rebound, all at a high level and with the physical frame to impose his will unto opponents. His stock should continue to skyrocket for the foreseeable future. 

6’4 Bryce Cash (Charlotte Christian)

With Charlotte Christian undergoing somewhat of a rebuilding transition from their 27-2 season in 2018-19, Cash has emerged as the perfect leader to guide this group. His development from a strong, stocky, downhill wing to a legitimate floor general has been something to see. Cash is so smart and effortlessly runs a team on both ends of the floor, displaying poise and unselfishness as the primary creator and toughness defensively at the point of attack. He’s maintained his aggressive penetration sense, ability to touch the paint, and actively works as a playmaker for others. Cash’s improved body and overall skill level should make him even more enticing as a priority at the next level. 

6’4 Jah Short (Farmville Central)

Anyone who even remotely followed Garner Road throughout the summer is already well-aware of Short and his consistent dominance as a two-way leader. After finding varsity opportunities whilst sprouting multiple inches over the last year, he looks even more ready to assume a major role for Farmville Central. Short possesses IQ, toughness, and an all-around skillset, which allows him to seamlessly control the action in all facets of the game. He’s a positive in scoring, creation, defense, rebounding, and thriving with or without the ball in his hands. Short is also an excellent athlete and leader by example. Expect his stock to soar over the coming years, as he has the chance to be special. 

6’5 Jakwon Moore (Trinity Academy of Raleigh)

Like the first player on this list, Moore really didn’t need to reclassify but the change in scenery will probably help boost his recruitment. That’s not a knock against Pender, as he held offers prior to transferring, but he’s in a much bigger spotlight now with a lot of surrounding talent. Moore is a strong, athletic, fairly versatile wing prospect with toughness and the ability to thrive in transition or when attacking the basket. He possesses a lethal midrange pull-up and knocks down three-pointers at a consistent rate. Moore is a very rugged, committed defender with the tools to guard multiple positions and outwork his assignment on the glass. One should envision his recruitment taking another step forward as a focal point for Trinity Academy of Raleigh. 

6’3 Jordan Durham (Louisburg)

With Elijah Jamison departing, Durham should immediately assume a newfound role as the clear-cut leader of Louisburg. He’s smart, smooth, and possesses an incredible frame–which looks likely to continue stretching out over time. Durham is a high-level shooting threat from midrange and beyond the arc, but also highlights the necessary IQ, ball-handling, and change-of-pace to keep opposing defenses on their toes. He utilizes his length very well as a finisher and defender, and rebounds the ball at a solid rate on both ends of the floor. Durham might have the most upside of anyone on this list simply due to expected physical maturation, as his foundation and overall skillset are already quite enticing. Watch for him to turn heads throughout the coming years.