5’10 Quay Watson (Hopewell)

Despite his production and status as a key cog on a shoe-circuit team, it feels like Watson doesn’t receive enough love from the masses. He’s a smart, polished, well-rounded guard prospect with a high comfort level from either backcourt position. Watson reliably controls the pace and dictates the action with the ball in his hands, but can also fill it up as a scorer alongside another primary ball-handler. He’s quick, crafty, and able to consistently generate shots for himself and others. Watson scores the ball at an efficient rate from all levels, sets up others at a high volume, and defends his position very well defensively. Although he already has the numbers to back up his ability, Watson should see a definite uptick in recruitment over the coming months. 

6’8 Wyatt DeGraaf (Cary Academy)

Although there’s a limited number of post prospects in North Carolina’s Class of 2024, Wyatt DeGraaf is someone who could easily blow up over the next calendar year. He’s a long, mobile, athletic big man with a strong presence as a finisher, rebounder, and rim-protector. DeGraaf has always been a noteworthy name, but his coordination and body have both visibly improved over the recent months. He runs the floor well in transition, capitalizes on second-chance opportunities, and understands how to anchor the paint on both ends of the floor. Though he’s comfortable along the perimeter, DeGraaf embraces being a reliable interior piece. Folks should expect various types of scholarship-level programs to get involved very soon. 

6’6 Christian Foy (North Mecklenburg)

The Vikings always have a ton of talented players, and Christian Foy will be extremely important to the overall success of this group. He’s a mobile, strong-bodied forward with nice size, strength, athleticism, and useful inside-out ability. Foy will be a main interior piece who can cause matchup problems with his general versatility. He’s skilled enough to play along the perimeter, but is at his best when establishing his interior presence and working outward. Foy also displays nice defensive instincts and a useful rebounding presence. He can push the break and make decisions with the ball in his hands if necessary. Foy should have a very productive season. 

5’11 Javian Drake (Richmond)

After the departure of his teammate, all signs point to Javion Drake having a very productive season at Richmond. He’s a quick, tough, scrappy guard with notable shot-making ability from beyond the arc. Drake is a lethal spot-up threat with a solid handle, useful vision, and the understanding of how to attack closeouts and make plays off the bounce. He’s a reliable on-ball defender with the ability to mirror his assignment and force turnovers at a nice rate. Drake has primarily made his presence felt through catch-and-shoot situations, but should pose a much more dynamic threat during the upcoming season. Expect him to entice various next-level programs. 

6’2 John Campbell (Bishop McGuinness)

Similar to the previous entry, John Campbell should see a massive uptick in production following the departure of Bishop McGuinness’ recent leader. He’s a long, wiry, intelligent point guard with a nice blend of skill and athleticism. Campbell is great at getting downhill, touching the paint, and finishing or making the correct read with the ball in his hands. However, he’s also a reliable shooter and can score from all levels—though he typically prefers to get others involved as much as possible. Campbell has consistently stood as a leader on both ends of the floor throughout the summer season. His production should only continue to skyrocket going forward.