2027 Matthew Sancho-Joseph (Cannon): Sancho-Joseph came out early and often at the camp to showcase how strong and a force he can be on the court. He was able to score the ball consistently, getting downhill and into the paint, finishing strong and through defenders around the basket.  Sancho-Joseph was able to take advantage of his size but showed a nice touch and feel as well to his game.  When he wasn’t scoring, he was making team-first decisions that helped his team overall.

2027 Tristan Gaddy (Myers Park): Gaddy was one that really impressed me with his feel and IQ on the court.  Simply put, when the ball was in his hands, he was making plays happen. He showed that he could be a scoring factor on the court, but what impressed us the most was his vision and ability to find his teammates. Played with such an unselfish feel, making the extra pass and getting everyone involved. Strong handles in creating off the dribble.

2027 Noah Diaz (Charlotte Latin): Diaz was another guard who showed flashes of his feel and understanding of the game. He was strong on the court, made good decisions, played with a nice feel and pace, and was able to not only make plays off the dribble but also step out and knock down shots.  He is one that really flourished in his role but also played within the team.

2027 Dre Cherry Jr. (Salisbury): Cherry Jr. is a long and athletic young prospect who brings a lot of intrigue in what he could be as he develops. With his length, he was able to get downhill and into the paint, finishing around or over defenders, but also was able to get to his spots to knock down shots at times.  It will be interesting to see how he grows and develops, but he earned some eyes his way.

2027 Omari Whiteside (Shelby): There was something about Whiteside’s game that attracted my eyes. Every time I watched him, he was being active on the floor… scoring and making plays, finding his teammates and setting them up, or just making those hustle plays.  Every time we watched him, he was making plays on both sides and playing with a tremendous motor.