It is that time of year. Regional schools are mapping out their April Live periods. With only 3 days of LIVE period (well 2 really if you consider you cannot start until 6 on Friday and have to be done by 4 on Sunday) this year it is imperative that college coaches see the right players.

In this series, we are taking a look at various leagues around this region and the players these coaching staffs should be watching. A guide to help them streamline their process and get in front of the right kids …

This segment we are looking at prospects who would look good at MEAC/SWAC …

6’6” Unsigned Senior Kwashek Breeden
WBC Elite / Lumberton HS (NC)

Breeden is a noted athlete, very above the rim. He is also a knockdown shooter, off the catch, from 3. A lot to like here with this three-sport athlete, great length and natural pop in his explosion. This April, he has shown the ability to get to the rim off the bounce and finish high above the rim in traffic. A 3 & D guy, he fits the modern game well.

6’5” 2020 Keishon Porter
Team Trezz / Southwest Edgecome HS (NC)

Porter has that natural feel for the game. With his Team Trezz team, you can find him bringing the ball up the floor or initiating from the wing. He has the handle to get him where he needs and he has court vision. A good athlete, Porter can attack the rim and finish, above it, through contact. It is a bit surprising he doesn’t have any offers, and he could probably play a level or so higher than this with interest from the likes of UNC-G, College of Charleston and NC A&T, but let’s start here and move on up.

5’11” Unsigned Senior Raishaun Brown
Team Swish / Asheville Christian (NC)
Claimed Offers: Western Carolina

Talk about a player with the ability to get ANYWHERE he wants on the floor. Not only is Brown quick on quick but he also has the ball on a string. Averaging 18 points and 5.5 assists this season, he also shot 40% from 3. Yes, this guy could be a star in these leagues as these schools should be 3 deep at every one of his games this weekend, we’ll see …

6’6” 2020 Mekhi Townes
Juice All-Stars Stephenson / Garner Magnet (NC)

Townes is a unique basketball prospect. He has the frame of a Nose Tackle, but the nimble feet of a dancer. He reminds some of Gerrale Gates (New Orleans). He has great hands, very strong, and knows how to carve out space. This April he has shown the ability to face up and take his man off the bounce. Good area rebounder, just a matchup nightmare who would play well in these leagues (maybe even more).

6’5” Unsigned Senior Trey Cousins
Mid State Magic / Washington Academy (NC)
Offers: Maryland Eastern Shore, Alcorn St, NC A&T

Cousins is a noted bucket getter. He is a smooth shooter, at 6’5 and 210 pounds. He has great length with the ability to get downhill off the bounce. Both his parents and siblings played D1 basketball. Cousin is also a 2-time state champ at Burlington School. Coming off an injury he is back close to 100%, and there is no denying this scoring ability.

6’1” 2020 Perez Bowser
Team Loaded 704 Curry / Arborbrook (NC)

Bowser is fast, quite possibly the fastest player in this entire event. In the open floor, he is an absolute blur. Even with all that speed, he plays with good control. Bowser has good feet and quick hands on defense and even has touch beyond the arc. His calling card will always be his pure speed, but with his frame, length and other attributes, he has the ability to be an early factor in these leagues.

6’6” 2020 Terrence Johnson
Team Loaded 704 Curry / Myers Park HS (NC)

Johnson is a super athlete. He really gets off the floor, in an incredibly explosive way, both in transition and in the half court. To this point, Johnson has been under the radar, however, his game is incredibly loud, which will really open some eyes. He is a solid shooter and has the ability to get downhill off the bounce. His offers should start around this level, but it would not surprise to see them growing past this level. He has A LOT of pop with natural tools galore.

6’1” Unsigned Senior Marcus Metcalf
WCBA Unsigned / Wayne Country Day (NC)

Metcalf is a noted leaper, having been on Sports Center multiple times for his jaw-dropping dunks. However, his game is so much more than that. He is a pure shooter, with deep range and a quick release. He also plays with an incredible chip on his shoulder, an aggression to make sure you know, he is better than you. He is the type of player we could see as a junior, averaging 20 or so per game, in this league making regional headlines and All-Conference teams.

6’5” 2020 Linwood Grandy
Team Trezz / Wayne Country Day (NC)

Grandy has a great frame, very strong with length and athleticism. His handle gets him downhill and his court awareness gets him to his spots in minimal order. Grandy’s game has come so far, in such a short time. He has truly put in the work and should see a handsome reward for that with regards to scholarship monies. This level feels right for him as an early contributor and where he can really make his mark.