It is that time of year. Regional schools are mapping out their April Live periods. With only 3 days of LIVE period (well 2 really if you consider you cannot start until 6 on Friday and have to be done by 4 on Sunday) this year it is imperative that college coaches see the right players.

In this series, we are taking a look at various leagues around this region and the players these coaching staffs should be watching. A guide to help them streamline their process and get in front of the right kids …

This segment we are looking at prospects who would look good at Colonial Athletic Conference (CAA), Atlantic Sun (ASUN), Horizon Conferences …

6’7” Unsigned Senior Zack Austin
Team Winston / Winston Salem Prep (NC)
Claimed Offers: USC-Upstate, Appalachian State, etc…

Austin is the quintessential 3 & D forward that is so popular in today’s basketball. He has All-League defensive potential at this level, with his ability to move his feet on the perimeter as well as switch onto the post. He has excellent natural timing with the ability to block shots and accumulate a ton of deflections. He is an explosive athlete at the rim, can get downhill off the bounce and can stroke it from the corner 3. His skill set fits modern basketball and that may have him play a higher level than expected, and produce early and often.

6’10” 2020 Khayre Cayne
Juice All-Stars Stephenson / Wakefield HS (NC)
Offers: Norfolk State

Cayne is the best shot blocker in North Carolina, and honestly, it’s not close. Unbelievable timing paired with natural athleticism and great length makes Cayne a force around the rim. Sure he still needs strength, but he has touch on the offensive end, knocking down pick/pop 3s and finishing around the basket. He can rim run and catch lobs in the short corner. Caynes calling card will be his ability to protect the rim, and with that being one of the most translatable skills from level to level, Cayne has a very high ceiling.

6’8” Unsigned Senior Devin Collins
The Renegades / Chapmanville HS (WV)

Collins has great size and skill set. He strokes the cover off the ball and is able to get to his spots off the bounce. In fact, at this time last year, he was a 6’4” guard, now he is a 6’8” wing. In only 12 months, he has grown 4 inches and (only being 17) the doctors say there could be a couple more inches to go. Coaches compare him to a right-handed Dylan WIndler, there is a lot to like here and it would not be a surprise to see him outplay this level in the long run.

6’4” 2020 AJ Thompson
Juice All-Stars Stephenson / Athens Drive HS (NC

Thompson has great size, with length and athleticism. However, what makes him such an interesting prospect is that he is a true point guard. He plays with a great pace and has good vision. He is great out of the pick and roll with the ability to penetrate, shoot or pass out of it and his length/athleticism allows him to defend both on the ball or off, depending on matchups. So much you can do here and so much to like with him as a prospect. This level seems like a good starting point for him.

6’5” 2020 Ahmil Flowers
Greensboro Warriors / Grimsley HS (NC)

Flowers is a straight up bucket getter. Standing 6’5” he has the range, touch and skill set to get anywhere on the floor he wants and the ability to finish. He is a good athlete (watch your head) and has a quick release with range. It is a little surprising he is not carrying multiple D1 offers already, but hey, that will make this weekend more interesting. Bill Russell said “this game will always be about getting buckets”, and Ahmil Flowers can do that with the best of them.

6’6” 2020 Alexander Stoimenov
Team Hickory / Tri-City Christian (NC)

Stoimenov can flat out shoot the ball, with deep (DEEP) range. He is also adept off the bounce, with the athletic to rise up and finish above the rim. He is in his first year in the United States, which is playing into the fact why he is so far under the radar. However, with that being said, make no mistake, Stoimenov is AT LEAST at this level. Positional size, pure 3-point stroke and athleticism all playing into it, he should have a line of coaches watching him ALL WEEKEND, with possible offers coming down he pipeline.