It is that time of year. Regional schools are mapping out their April Live periods. With only 3 days of LIVE period (well 2 really if you consider you cannot start until 6 on Friday and have to be done by 4 on Sunday) this year it is imperative that college coaches see the right players.

In this series, we are taking a look at various leagues around this region and the players these coaching staffs should be watching.

This segment is Part 1 of the Big South/SoCon level schools … here are a few game changers.

6’7” 2020 Jakob Moore
Team Winston / Mt Tabor HS (NC)

Moore is an elite rim protector and defender. He is very quick twitch, with great timing and incredible length enabling him to affect tons of stuff around the rim. He also has the athleticism to be able to switch onto perimeter guys and move his feet out there. Switch-ability to the name of today’s game and Moore has that in spades. Offensively, Moore shows signs of a go-to move over his right shoulder, with patience and some ability to counter that move. He is highly explosive on rim runs and from the short corner. Overall, a lot to like here and someone who could end up on All-League teams at this level.

6’8” 2020 Tyler Young
New Light Disciples / Dudley HS (NC)

Young looks like a pulling guard on the offensive side of the football, but make no mistake about it, you can chart him up for a double/double every time out. He has great hands and touch around the basket and is an A+ rebounder, both in and out of his area. Young is more explosive than he looks, especially noticeable when he dunks on your head. He has touch out to 18 feet, he has great feet on the blocks and he has big/strong hands. All the tools of a space carving big at this level, an absolute menace for four years.

6’5” 2020 Chris Hemphill
Team Swish / Asheville School (NC)

Hemphill walks onto the court and you immediately take notice as he has a “create-a-player” type frame. With his broad shoulders and long arms, he then opens eyes with his ability to initiate offense and handle the ball in the half court. He can defend across multiple positions and with his size/strength you can do a lot with him offensively. His archetype is in the Ed Polite mold. Tucked away in the mountains, Hemphill should turn a lot of heads at this level with his frame and positional versatility, the type that plays so well here.

6’1” 2020 Lucas Brown
Chattanooga Elite / Red Bank HS (TN)

Brown has that type of athleticism that looks like he has been shot out of a cannon. He has a strong frame and finishes high above the rim, in traffic. Brown shoots the ball with deep range and lives in the paint. Playing in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee, he has fallen under the radar to this point. This is the type of player who excels for multiple years at this level and coaches should take a strong look in this direction this weekend.

6’9” 2019 TJ Nesmith
Mid State Magic / Graham HS (NC)
Claimed Offers: Alcorn State

Nesmith has good size, always has. With that size, he also has length and great hands. It is the latter that makes him so intriguing, with a 6’9” frame paired with a 7’ wingspan and very passer friendly hands play well in these leagues. Nesmith is just coming into his own as a player, with some upside still to go. He runs the floor very well, with the ability to finish plays, not to mention his very projectable frame as he’ll find 20 lbs almost immediately. No frills, you know what you’re getting here, with a guy who rebounds and can score on the block. Yes, that is coveted in these leagues.