Prospect Talk: Henry Coleman III

Twitter: @hencoleman3

Instagram: @hen.coleman

Those who actively follow boys' high school hoops in the Richmond, VA area most likely have seen, or at least heard of, the basketball team at Trinity Episcopal School (TES). However, the program will have a slightly different look this upcoming season with the departure of Armando Bacot, Jr. and Jason Wade. The two played heavy roles in leading their varsity teams to success during the last several years. Even with their absence, the Richmond basketball audience should start turning their attention to another young player who has already asserted his dominance: Henry Coleman '20.

Coleman currently stands as an ESPN 4-star prospect, ranked 43rd nationally in his class. He's been on the recruiting radar for some time now but had a noteworthy sophomore season after transferring to TES this past school year, averaging 17 points and eight rebounds. For his efforts, the 6'8 wing earned all-conference honors and a spot on the 2nd team for All-Metro. Following the high school season, Coleman saw his stock rise on the Adidas circuit for Team Loaded VA (17u), garnering offers from high-major powerhouses, such as Kansas and the University of Virginia, among others.

It doesn't take long to notice Coleman's vocal leadership and intensity on the court. He never stops calling out assignments, crashes the glass on every possible attempt, and goes an extra mile to motivate his teammates. With each dunk and/or strong finish, one can greatly expect to see Coleman's motor increase. I would go as far to say he has one of the best motors in the country within high school basketball. Every team needs a guy who can play the role of a 'spark plug.' Coleman relishes this, which can be a rarity seen in high-level prospects. Along with these intangibles, his versatility as a player makes him a major threat for opponents as well. Coleman possesses exceptional strength for his age, has a quick second jump, shoots the ball with a soft touch, finishes well with either hand, and plays defense with a relentlessness. Acknowledging his upside, it is not too surprising to see why he has caught the attention of many college coaches. Even with this continuing success on the court, Coleman has done well staying grounded. He embraces the life of a gym rat and now has his sights on becoming even more of a leader for his varsity squad as an upperclassman. However, the season is still months away and I was able to catch Coleman out of the gym for a few minutes to conduct a quick Q&A.

What attracted you to make the move to TES this past school year'
'The overall fit at Trinity felt a lot better for me, personally. Great guys like Armando (Bacot, Jr.) and Jason (Wade) wanted me to come and made the transition that much easier.'

What was it like playing for head coach Rick Hamlin during your first year at TES'
'He's great. He's a players-coach, one of my favorites. We connect so well. He's one of my teachers here too so that makes it greater than just the basketball aspect. You can connect to him as both a coach and just a person in general.'

Since this past spring, which schools have offered'
'Kansas, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Cincinnati, University of Virginia, Wake Forest, N.C. State, Oklahoma State, among others.'

How'd your AAU season go'
'We were a young team. We had about five guys in the 2020 class, all starters. Struggled a little bit at the beginning of the season but definitely finished very strong towards the end. We finished about sixth place even with our youth. So, with everybody returning, we should be really good next season.'

Favorite moment of AAU'
'Probably when we went to New York; it was our first Gauntlet in July. We were coming off of a rough patch (due to our youth) but went up there and made some noise. Finished in fourth place and really showed people how good we can be.'

How are you currently spending your days until the high school season starts (other than school)'
'Working. Just working constantly every day with my trainers. Mainly on my shot and ball-handling skills. Two key things I feel I need to focus on for this upcoming season.'

Any upcoming college visits'
'Right now, Pittsburgh, N.C. State, University of Virginia' those are the three right now that are set in stone. I have a couple of others that I may do as well.'

What do you want coaches to notice in your game this season that they may not have seen a year ago'
'That I can really shoot the ball' and my passing ability as well. I like to get everybody involved. I especially know how important that is in today's game. Also, ball-handling. Just being more comfortable coming off of ball screens.'

When it comes down to decision time, what will you be looking for within a college/university'
'Just a place that feels like home. I want it to be a place that I could see myself attending even if I didn't play basketball. That's probably the most important thing. Basketball is just one part of life. You have another 40-50 years to live. But, in all, I just want to be somewhere that really feels like a second home.'

What do you like to do outside of playing ball'
'I really like the outdoors; I like to fish especially. I also enjoy movies too.'

Do you go fishing regularly'
'Yep. If I'm not playing basketball that's what I'm definitely trying to do.'

Where does Henry Coleman see himself ten years from now'
'Hopefully in the NBA. But, if not, I really enjoy the general management side of football, basketball, and baseball. I enjoyed those three sports the most growing up. Maybe coaching too' I really like connecting with players and with people.'

Make sure to be on the lookout for the Junior Titan this winter!