Phenom Hoops doesn't just shed light on the top players in the state but we want to provide a platform for ALL players. The class of 2022 is still fully loaded with talent and there are plenty of players that are having a strong high school season that you may want to check out, especially down low and on the boards. Here are just a few players that are having a terrific season for their team.

2022 6'7 Demetri Patterson (Jack Britt)

We watched the big man early this season, where he went off for 27 points and recorded 15 rebounds.  Patterson is a big-bodied prospect with a strong frame, finishes through contact, and has great touch.  But he also uses his frame to bully defenders around the paint and is all over the boards.

Stats: 15.4ppg, 10.6rpg (10 double-doubles)

2022 6'5 Jarod Brown (South View)

Brown isn't a name that many may know but the 6'5 prospect has been producing well this season at South View.  He is averaging a double-double, plays bigger than listed for his team, and does an excellent job in crashing on the boards and getting on the offensive boards. Has had some big games this season.

Stats: 13.3ppg, 10.4rpg, 103 offensive rebounds

2022 6'6 Ian Clinkscales-King (Enka)

Enka may not be a team many are familiar with but they are having a very good season and shouldn't be sneaking up on anyone.' We watched them back in early December and Clinkscales-King captured our eyes with his ability to create opportunities for himself, running the court, and his activity level on the boards and in the paint. He has been a huge part of Enka's success this season.

Stats: 16.1ppg, 10.3rpg

2022 Jaxon Ellingsworth (West Carteret)

No shocker here, Ellingsworth finds himself on this list.  He was outstanding last year as a junior and continued to show his production this summer. Now, he is helping carry the team once again, posting some outstanding numbers again.  The senior forward brings good athleticism, shows upside with his game, displays nice touch, and a comfort level in stepping out.  West Carteret looks like a team on a mission once again and Ellingsworth is helping lead the way again.

Stats: 21.5ppg, 10.2rpg, 1.4bpg

2022 6'5 Damien Robinson (Overhills)

It was a few years back when we first saw Robinson in action, as he brings a football-like frame to the court but is quite nimble on his feet.  Robinson is an active big that carves out space but moves extremely well.  He has great hands and makes his presence known in the paint and on the boards.  Overhills has played well this season and the senior big man has helped lead the charge.

Stats: 12.6ppg, 9.7rpg

2022 Cooper Hawk (First Flight)

Hawk has flown under the radar but it can be tough at times for talent far out in the Outer Banks. 'But that doesn't mean the senior big hasn't been producing, really carving out his place for his team, running the floor well, protecting the basket, and taking advantage of the opportunities in front of him.

Stats: 9.9ppg, 9.8rpg, 2.5bpg

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