It’s been stated before, but the high school basketball scene has transformed into something comparable to NBA free agency. On one hand, the kneejerk reaction is to pose an argument for why/how transferring or reclassifying could have a positive effect on said player. The other side of the token typically points to the lack of loyalty, structure, or overall negative effects that could potentially arise. However, the reality is somewhere in the middle. Public school coaches are never going to voluntarily offer up their players for private school programs to poach. There are various examples of players transferring from public schools to other public schools but it’s certainly uncommon. Despite being largely painted out as the villains in this comparison, private school coaches are expected to perform a job, which unfortunately requires them to seek out talent from all possible avenues. 

That being said, covering the greater Greensboro area over the last four years has brought a lot of enjoyment. This upcoming season will likely be more unpredictable than ever before, as there will be an extremely unique collection of talent for public and private schools. This series will be ongoing and broken down into numerous parts, so be conscientious of that if your team doesn’t appear…

Greensboro Day School

Last Season: 31-5 (Lost in NCISAA Semifinals to Cannon)

No one can possibly deny Greensboro Day’s greatness when it comes to basketball. Historically, Freddy Johnson has built the only true “powerhouse” program in the state and his results continue to highlight success each and every year. They will have a lot of ground to cover, seeing as how they lost six seniors (including three starters), but could have the available tools to surprise some folks. Jaydon Young has a legitimate chance to be one of the best players in the program’s history, especially given his current trajectory. He should be given the keys to the offense sooner than later and will continue to destroy opponents on a national level. His backcourt mate, Brock Williams, is a noteworthy scorer that displayed his ability to maximize his role last year. His defense will still be a major factor but it’s likely that his scoring punch will need to be reasserted with this roster makeup.

Michael Zanoni will seamlessly fit with this group as a dynamic spot-up threat, though he’s proven to be more than just a shooter. He and Carson McCorkle are much different players, but the role should be somewhat similar. After just receiving his first high-major offer from Wake Forest earlier this week, Bryce Harris will arguably been the most interesting player on the roster. His ability to completely alter the course of games through the utilization of his motor and defensive prowess will continue to shine. The newest addition, Tyler Lundblade, seems to have all the makings of a dominant prospect. Though it doesn’t feel like his name is in constant circulation, folks should start getting very excited about the Texas native who just came off a season with nightly averages of 28.1 PPG, 8.2 RPG, and 2.9 APG while shooting 48% from the floor, 40% from beyond the arc, and 86% from the line. Whether their competition was bad or not, sporting those numbers while going 25-10 on the season is impressive. Additionally, it’ll be intriguing to see how guys perform who have been there and working for a few years like Will Michael, Jackson Noble, and Cameron Leake.