It’s been stated before, but the high school basketball scene has transformed into something comparable to NBA free agency. On one hand, the kneejerk reaction is to pose an argument for why/how transferring or reclassifying could have a positive effect on said player. The other side of the token typically points to the lack of loyalty, structure, or overall negative effects that could potentially arise. However, the reality is somewhere in the middle. Public school coaches are never going to voluntarily offer up their players for private school programs to poach. There are various examples of players transferring from public schools to other public schools but it’s certainly uncommon. Despite being largely painted out as the villains in this comparison, private school coaches are expected to perform a job, which unfortunately requires them to seek out talent from all possible avenues. 

That being said, covering the greater Greensboro area over the last four years has brought a lot of enjoyment. This upcoming season will likely be more unpredictable than ever before, as there will be an extremely unique collection of talent for public and private schools. This series will be ongoing and broken down into numerous parts, so be conscientious of that if your team doesn’t appear…

Eastern Guilford

Last Season: 22-7 (Lost in NCHSAA Third Round to Clayton)

Although there’s a lot of talent within Guilford/Forsyth County, it’s highly unlikely that anyone would consider the Gibsonville-McLeansville area a hotbed for basketball prospects. That being said, Eastern Guilford hasn’t seen a losing season in the last eight years. A lot of that comes through the foundation and team culture that Coach Joseph Spinks has developed throughout the last decade. He’s arguably the most underrated coach in the state, given his consistent success with less than elite talent. The seamless transition from the Jaylen Alston/Montez Venable era to Kadyn Dawkins as the leader is a prime example of Spinks ability as a coach. The Wildcats were among Greensboro’s best teams last season and should remain towards the top, but will certainly have some obstacles along the way. Graduating Omarion Johnson will be their biggest loss, given his low-maintenance role and ability to affect all facets of the game on a nightly basis. However, retaining the core of Dawkins, Jayron Rankin, and Kamell Smith should give them enough firepower to compete with anyone. Dawkins continues to solidify himself as one of the most electric, intelligent, and underrated point guard prospects in the state. He is the undisputed leader of this group, offering an impressive balance between playmaking and three-level scoring while being the focal point on both ends of the floor. Dawkins is a scholarship-worthy prospect with the makings to be an incredibly reliable, productive point guard at the next level. Rankin is the main hustle player for the Wildcats but can also knock down perimeter shots and make plays with the ball in his hands. He exemplifies great defensive prowess and understands how to play bigger than his size on either side of the ball. Smith could end up as a college-level football talent but still has a lot of basketball ability to offer. He’s a big, strong, physical wing with solid versatility and a fairly well-rounded skillset. Smith rebounds well, mixes it up on offense, and utilizes his size effectively to overwhelm opponents around the basket. With guys like Jerod Womack, Syncere Blackstock, Barry Tate, and Deandre McCollum it’ll be exciting to see who emerges within their rotation for next season.