2021 6’2 Elijah Jamison is known already for lighting up the scoreboards and filling out the boxscores.  Jamison has been one of the top-scoring guards in the state of North Carolina as of late for Louisburg high school.

Just last season, he averaged 28.5 points and 9.9 rebounds per game for the Warriors.

Jamison is a strong, smart and quick-twitch guard that allows him to score any way possible on the court and to do it with ease.  He has continued to show that over the summer, playing for Team Loaded. Which is why college programs are keeping tabs on him constantly and anxiously waiting to see what he can do in his upcoming junior year.

Already holding two offers, Jamison updates Phenom Hoops on the latest going on with him.  What schools are showing interest?  How did his summer go and what is his focus coming into the upcoming season?

He dives into it all.

Phenom: How has basketball gone for you over the last year and over the summer?  What all were you able to do and showcase?

Elijah: “Basketball has been going very well for me lately, I’ve just really been working hard all summer.  Before the summer started, I told myself that this summer I was going to separate myself from the rest of the players in my class and just work really hard to improve not only my jump shot but my skills as a whole.  This summer with Team Loaded, I felt it was a big success because I talked to tons of college coaches at the highest level and got a lot of good feedback that makes me even more excited for this upcoming high school season.”

Phenom: What has been your focus, skill-wise, that you wanted to show as well as work on this summer?

Elijah: “Something that I worked on that I wanted to show was for sure my jump shot and that it was consistent.  I wanted to show that I could knock it down off the dribble and off the catch.  I already had a nice pull-up game but I felt that if I expanded my range and got my jump shot right, the sky would be the limit for the expansion of my game.”

Phenom: What is your focus heading into this upcoming high school season?

Elijah: “My focus is to sort of do what I did last year for my team; to score, facilitate, and be an all-around leader.  We are going to be very good this year, as we will have a big opportunity to win our conference.  But mainly, I will be focusing on making sure that my teammates are happy and getting involved in the game as well as myself.  My coach also told me that he wants me to show that not only can I drive it but I can shoot it too, which will also open up spots for my teammates.”

Phenom: Seems like you have some big goals and focus this season.  How has all your recruitment been going so far?

Elijah: “For sure and my recruitment has been going great.  I have received interest from several schools across the country, as well as around North Carolina.  I should have a lot of coaches coming through this upcoming season.”

Phenom: What offers do you hold right now?

Elijah: “I hold offers from Ole Miss and James Madison.”

Phenom: What do you like early on about those programs and what have the coaches said to you?  What kind of relationship have you been able to build with them?

Elijah: “What I like early about them is that they actually keep in contact with me, not just offer me and then never say anything.  They check-in and make sure I’m still working hard.  Most of them are saying that they think I have a college-ready body and could guard as soon as I get there and that they like my ability to score.  They all talk about my ability to defend more than the offensive side of the ball.  Some of the schools that have been my main contacts as well are Clemson, Oklahoma State, James Madison, UNCG, East Carolina, and Appalachian State.”

Phenom: How strong have those interests been from those other schools?

Elijah: “Clemson and Oklahoma State have been on me since last year.  Clemson was at a few games last year and talked to my coach.  Also, Oklahoma State talked to my high school coach throughout the season.  Coach (Byron) Taylor from James Madison, throughout July, talked to me literally every day.  He’s really in-depth with his players and builds great relationships.  Coach (Joe) Dooley talks to me a lot, he is probably talking to me the most out of all the coaches and that is something I’m considering because it isn’t far from home.  The rest have been contacting me throughout July and checking up on me.”

Phenom: It is still early for you but when talking to these programs, what are the factors that are starting to become important to you?

Elijah: “Schools that are aware that during July, we are working out and getting better and understand that we have a tight schedule.  Coaches that know when to keep in contact and build a relationship with their players.  I think this goes for every player, that they want to go somewhere where they feel that it is a family environment and that they are wanted.”

Phenom: Have you been able to take any visits or any upcoming?

Elijah: “I’m taking a visit to East Carolina on July 31st and at this moment, I don’t have any others scheduled but I may make some before the high school season.”