The sophomore season is a very unique time in a prospect’s high school career. It marks the point where previously enticing upside should start transitioning into translatable production, especially for non-big men. Very seldom do players with elite size possess fluidity and coordination during the early stages of their development. Those who do (like Jalen Duren, for example) become nationally recognized names more often than not. Expanding the parameters even further and adding skill to the mix, and those guys have seemingly unlimited potential. Therefore, based on simple deductions, Kany Tchanda will ultimately determine his own fate. 

Upon the initial look test, Tchanda’s long wingspan and fluid 6-foot-9 frame lead to obvious intrigue. However, it’s only the start of his appealing qualities. One can easily identify his mobility and overall athleticism, particularly for his size, and see the tools to become a very switchable defender. He already looks quite comfortable when protecting the rim or being thrust into screening action. Tchanda utilizes his length incredibly well to finish, block shots, secure rebounds, and contain ball-handlers on switches. Offensively, he displays touch with either hand, impressive shooting range (and consistency), and the ability to legitimately attack off the bounce. Having just one or two of these attributes would be enough to attract Division I coaches, but possessing the entire tool kit should truly make him as coveted as any prospect in the state. 

Additionally, it’s worth noting the distinct difference between “skilled” and a rim-runner who can knock down the occasional jumper. Tchanda is skilled. He’s an exceptional shooting threat with polish and craftiness, both when attacking the basket or when operating on the block. His IQ and high-level instincts are evident on both ends of the floor. Every travel ball program within the region will be vying for his services over the next few years, so will college coaches. Expect Tchanda’s name to continually trend upward in the national spotlight over the foreseeable future, as he will be a special player.