Post Grads, A viable option

The 2020 year has gotten off to a rocky start. We lost Kobe Bryant tragically in the helicopter crash. The COVID-19 is now a pandemic and is shutting down the U.S. economy, as well the world economy. Our life has virtually come to a complete stop and for unsigned seniors in the 2020 class and rising seniors for the 2021 class, the opportunities to be seen by college coaches is getting smaller and smaller as the days and weeks pass. As a matter of fact, there is growing evident that any sporting event that has mass gathering of 50 plus in attendance will not take place until August or September at the earliest. Throw in the fact that more and more college coaches are going to the transfer portal to fill in roster spots. For many of the unsigned seniors in the 2020 class, growing anxiety is created each and every day that the country is in a virtual shutdown or quarantine. The window of opportunity of getting seen is dwindling and so are the scholarship chances.

Now, colleges at every level will be affected just as every other business. The majority of D1 schools rely on football, basketball and TV revenues to help fund the majority of the overall athletic budget. News is trickling down that athletic budgets will be cut along with scholarships at the JUCO, D2 and D3 level. To put it mildly, 2020 has not been too kind to the 2020 and 2021 class in terms of scholarship opportunities. Many players, especially in the 2020 class, are asking what are the next available steps? We are living in uncertain times and for seniors who want that opportunity to further their basketball playing career, we can recommend that are opportunities still available. Players may have to look at local community colleges or better yet, find a quality Post Graduate school that extends the opportunity another year for that one chance, that one opportunity, to simply play collegiately. As with any choice, we recommend everyone to do their homework prior to making a decision. First and foremost, make sure the Post Grads have a proven track record of getting players scholarships. Do have they classrooms or living accommodations and what kind of schedule and platform do they provide. These are just a few basic questions that you ask. There are many choices that exist in the Carolinas and in Virginia. For many of the state’s unsigned seniors, it better to start the selection process as a legitimate option. Time is running out and the spring/summer travel ball may not even happen and Post Grads, may just be a very viable option