Seems like it’s been forever since we were hooping, but the wait is over! Phenom took over the Rock Hill Sportsplex for 3 days of high-level hoops. We will be bringing you the ballers to know from each game throughout the event. Players to know from Court 5&6 are as follows.  

PSB 14u Robbie
#3 Michah Gilbert, 6’3 2024 W – Powerful player forced the action on both ends. Can power to the rim off the bounce as well as hit the outside shot. Very comfortable with the ball in his hands. Can guard multiple positions. Bright future here with this one.
#20 Maddox Watson, 6’2 2024 G – I love shooters and Maddox is just that, a shooter. Needs to build out the rest of his game but already knows how to put the biscuit in the basket from deep.
#10 Trevor Rayborn, 6’5 2024 F – Still growing into his game but shows good signs. Has the length but can tell is still learning to put it all together. Can hit from the elbow and will go to the glass but will need to be more intentful in his game as he develops.

Team Loaded 704 14u
#14 Dylan Deluca, 6’5 F – Knows how to work in and around the paint at a young age. Shows some solid moves, decent feet, and the instincts you look for. Needs to develop a bit more consistency and add strength but that will come with time. Really showed well here. 
#2 Brandon Smith, 6’4 2024 W – Kid is wired to score and can do so in several ways. Needs to be more intentional with his moves as he can dribble too much at times. Has the long slender athletic frame you look for at the next level. Needs to develop the rest of his game but offensively, kid can go get it.
#0 AJ Parsley, 5’7 2024 G – Super quick PG that can really move with the ball in his hands. Wasn’t a huge factor on the score sheet but he made an impact on the game. He’s a pest on the defensive end and can see the floor well. Needs to develop timing on passes a bit and finish better on his chances but all signs point to him being a tough floor general going forward.

Garner Road 15u – Grassroots legends out of NC has another strong crop of players coming through the system. We’d expect nothing less from this powerhouse program.
#1, CJ Alston, 6′ 2020 G – Garner Road always seems to have a next-level kid on the ball. CJ fits that mold. He has the length, speed, and toughness to do whatever he wants to out on the floor. He is the straw that stirs the drink for this team. Can really feel his impact once out of the game. Kid has tools to be a star.
#21 Anthony Thorpe, 6’5 2023 W – Long and athletic kid can score the ball. Easy length and movement to his game and works well inside the flow of the offense. Always seems to be around the ball on the offensive end.

NC Cavs 15u – Gritty team really battled start to finish. Different kids stepped up at different times. They could cause team issues this weekend.
#3 Cole Callaway, 6’3 2023 G – Kids dropped 20 in forst half. Grade A gamer that just gets after it. DEADLY from deep while at the same time crafty and shifty enough to get to the rim to score. Looks like he ran out of gas in the second half as the defense adjusted to him but that is to be expected after a summer like we have had I guess. Really enjoyed watching him work in this one.
#4 Beckham Tharpe, 6’8 2023 F – Long and active player on both ends of the floor. Type of player that should get you a double/double every time he sees the floor in an event like this. Needs to add strength but he’s young, that will come in time. Very impressed with his defense. So many young bigs will try to swat everything on D, he doesn’t. He holds his ground and goes straight up on the shot block. Not sure what the ceiling will be for him but the floor is solid. Next level type big,

Carolina Stars 15u – Opened up 20 point lead at the half off strong defense. Solid team win as all contributed to final outcome.
#5 Gavin Stinson, 5’8 2023 G – Nothing but “want to” in this kids game. One of shortest kids on the floor but was also one of top rebounders for the game. Kid is just tough. On offense showed ability to shake and bake, set up others for good looks, and hit his own as needed. May not have all the size but kid has the heart for sure.
#30 Ashton Troutman, 6’6 2023 F – Has moments that make you really take notice to his game. He also has a few that make you shake your head as well. He has the length and shows aggression on the offensive end, which is what you want, but really needs to dial it in some and learn to finish stronger. Decent shot blocker but will swat at the ball more than I like to see.  It takes bigs a bit longer to develop but the tools are here. Will really depend on how bad he wants to work for it.
#12 Rayshaun Alston, 5’11 2023 G – Bowling ball type player uses strong body and physical nature to get what he wants out on the floor. 

Charlotte Dragons 15u – Did not do themselves any favors to start the game as turnovers led to a big first-half hole. The team played hard though and did not let the scoreboard dictate effort.
#18 Edgar Escobedo, 6’7 2024 F – Long and slender young big whose development will be worth watching. Game shows signs of him being able to be a stretch type piece as he is comfortable shooting the ball. Needs to get stronger though and learn to finish/work in the paint a bit better. Potential is here for sure. Solid on the glass but could stand to be more aggressive here as well. 
#21 Adam Sheperis, 6’1 2023 G – One of few bright spots early for his team as he was one of the only ones hitting early. Glue type piece for this team. Will not blow your mind on the floor with highlight plays but will find a way to make a positive contribution.
#3 Chase Detenber, 5’6 2023 G – Another smaller guard with a lot of heart and fire in his belly. Go hard type kid was fun to watch.

NLPB Prospects 15u – Solid squad top to bottom. Good mix of size, bounce, and grit in this group.
#35 Jaydin Spillman-Martin, 6’8 2023 F – Big man in the middle has a bright future ahead of him. Already solid on the glass and on D when in the paint and is showing signs of being able to stretch his game out as well. Will need to get stronger (as do most all young bigs) and develop his game (footwork especially) but the size and raw tools are here to work with. With size like that he will play at the next level. How high he plays will depend on how he develops and if he can learn to be more aggressive on the floor.
#4 Brock Adams, 6’1 2023 G –  Game kinda sneaks up on you as you watch him work. Play hard type kid with some stuff to his game. Has the vision and ability to stay at the 1 and the ability to defend the position as well. Picked his spots well in this one and was a factor throughout.
#25 Shaun Jones, 6’4 2022 W – Plus athlete with a lot of bounce in his game. Game/production is based on that athletic ability so still a lot of upside to be had here. When he learns how to use those gifts better could take off. Right now his game is a bit of a tweener. Has the size and athleticism to play the wing at next but has to develop the skills to go with it.

Fayetteville Flash 15u – Athletic team with several nice pieces to work with. If looking for young under the radar size, need to give them a look.
#15 Damien Robinson, 6’5 2022 F – Type of player I call a dancing bear. Real good combo of size, strength, and control in this kid. Better yet, he has a plus motor and will give you all he has to give. Strong on the glass on both ends of the floor and can score on a variety of moves in and around the paint. Did not see a ton of range in his game but he did show the ability to make a move with the ball and close the gap. A powerful player is type that will make a coach happy at the next level somewhere.
#13 Nashaun Bryant, 5’9 2023 G – The Flash to Damien’s Bash. Can handle the ball, can shake his defender, and he has a pull-up jumper he can use to complement it all. Lack of size is the only drawback shown here in this one but has the bounce to make up for what he lacks.

WVU Generals 16u – Long team will have eyes on it all weekend as everyone is looking for size. 
#44 Roman Tut, 6’10 2022 F – Long and athletic player just gobbles up space as he strides down the floor. Has that easy athleticism you live for as a coach that can translate with ease to the next level. Coaches will be all over this kid if they are not already. Easy D1 player.Showed ability to hit from outside as well as be able to power in the paint for production as well. 
#50 Bol Kuir, 7’2 2022 F – If you are looking for length, look no further. This kid has length for days. Still learning to play the game but he moves well for his size.  Defense is ahead of the offense but having a rim protector like him is never a bad thing. Rail thin and will need to add strength  but you can’t teach 7’2. Once he grows into his frame and develops his game….look out!

Raleigh’s Finest 16u – Great contrast as guard-heavy team was opposite of the size on the other end. 
#23 Collin Tanner, 6’4 2022 W – Was asked to go up against much bigger in this one and more than held his own. Can be a bit timid at times, love to see him in “go mode” a bit more but showed he can get there when he needs to. 
#3 Jaylan Bowen, 5’8 2022 G – Sniper can light you up from deep or shake and bake his way to the lane. Shows a comfort level with the ball in his hands you’d expect to see from a lead guard as well as a willingness to get after it on the defensive end as needed. He may lack the size but kid is a player.

Charlotte Dragons 14u – Seen several of their teams so far and all teams bring talent to the floor. 

#26 Edgar Escobedo, 6’7 2024 F –  2nd time seeing him in action this weekend as he played up in age the last go-round. Looked more dominant against his peer group. Nothing here to suggest kid does not have a bright future. 
#8 Niles Sipp. 5’9 2024 G – Another kid seeing action more than once today as he too played up earlier in the day. Much better showing with his peer group in this one. He plays with aggression on the offensive end but needs to learn when and when not to go with that aggression on the floor. At times he can use it to bull his way to production. At others it gets him in trouble. Still, rather have to throttle a kid down then have to always ask for more. Much easier time getting his points at this level. 

Team Charlotte 14u – First time seeing this group. Team Charlotte always brings the heat though. Looking forward to what they bring this week. 
#1 Colt Langdon, 6’4 2024 F – Big man played big in this one, especially on the defensive end of the floor. Swatted 3 shots early in the game and set the tone for the rest of the match. 
#13 Nick Hailey, 6’4 2024 G – Young scorer with some bounce. Showed athletic skills with a dunk late in the first half. Easy riser who should still have a lot of growing/filling out to do. Showed can get it off the bounce and in transition. Has room to grow but the floor on this kid is already solid. Nothing but upside here to be had. 

1 Carolina 17u – Came out hot to start the game getting after it on both ends. How you want a 17u team to show up for an event!
#0 Kendal Davis, 5’11 2021 G – Offensive minded player who looks to do damage as soon as he steps on the floor. Can hit from every level on the offensive end. Focus can drift some out on the floor but when locked in on the offensive end, the kid can go get it. Decent bounce to his game and has tools to be a good defender. Has the ability to create for others. Can get it done at the 1 or the 2.
#2 Jalen Burnette 6’2 2021 G – Like Kendal, Jalen knows how to score the ball. Another aggressive guard that loves to attack off the bounce. Can step out and hit the catch and shoot 3 as well so is one will have to respect on the floor. Flows to the ball when out on the floor and will give good effort on the glass as well. 

Charlotte Nets 17u – Athletic team came out flat but was able to find footing. Several good looking prospects to be had here.
#9 Jordan Wise-Smith, 6’4 2022 W – Good length and power off the wing. Showed the ability to play inside or out but looks more comfortable going downhill. Can defend multiple spots on the floor. Led team with 6 at the half but is the type player who should get you double digits every time out in a setting like this. Defended several spots on the floor but best matchup is on other wings. 
#1 Cameron Moses, 5’9 2021 G – Tough lead guard who has a bigger impact on the game than stats would indicate. Controls the tempo of the game when ball is in his hands. Compact and physical frame allows him to hold up versus bigger guards on both ends of the floor. Can get his own as needed or hit the spring pass up the floor on the break for an easy look for one of his guys. Don’t let numbers fool you. Kids makes a difference on the floor on both ends. 

CC Elite 14u – Love teams that look to get out and run. These guys did early and often. Looking forward to what they bring this weekend. 
#22 Joshua Clark, 5’4 2024 G – Very quick guard can go from defense to offense in the blink of an eye. Loves to leak out on the break and can finish when he does. Not just one to cherry pick though as he will get after it on the defensive end as well. Lots here to like in a young player but will need to hit a growth spurt soon. 
#1 Aidan Cook, 5’7 2024 G – Type of young guard you like to work with as a coach. Does not try yo do much with the ball, looks for others, does not take a lot of chances with the ball and can hit the jumper when left alone. 
#34 Peter Moye, 5’11 2024 F – Kid was always around the ball in this one. Be it working the glass, attacking downhill, or working the putback, he was just on it in this one. At times can look out of control but good things seem to happen when he is on the floor. Must get stronger off the dribble.

3D Athletic Club – Got out the gate a bit sluggish and had a hard time with the transition D. Slow starts and lack of ball security can cost you in a setting like this. 
#15 Jeremiah Harrison, 5’10 2025 G – One of the youngest in this game was a bright spot for his team on both ends of the floor. He is another one of the young guns we saw this weekend that has to learn how to use the rest of his game, not just rely on the bull rush to the basket. The young man has the frame, strength, and physical nature to his game that should serve him well as he continues to develop. Needed more help than he got in this one though.