Phenom Analyst Jason Porter sat sidelined all weekend long at the David Rose MDC Session II. Here are a few names that stood out in Greensboro this weekend.

Qudus Wahab

NC Team Loaded 17u:

Jayden Gardner, 6'7 2018 F – All world motor on this kid. Hustle plus power plus talent drives this kid making him a double/double machine. You are not going to outwork this kid on the court so when you face him you need to make sure you bring you're a game. Would love to see him extend the range on his jumper some to compliment the power game he has but as is he is still a fore to be reckoned with out on the floor.

Landers Nolley, 6'7 2018 G – Landers is easily the top performer here in this event as he has the type of size and skill to be a high major player. The game is easy for him as he does everything well. There are no real flaws to his game at this point. Vision, feel, and awareness are all top shelf for this kid. Ready made to step into major minutes and produce at the next level.

Jamie Lewis, 6' 2018 G – Kid can shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor. Went for 4 3's in the first half in the one we saw early on 6 attempts. More than just a shooter though he also showed the ability to create going for 3 assists while we were watching in the half as well. He has a good feel for the game, knows where to get his shots, and can feed the big boys as needed. Really nice showing for the talented guard.

Qudus Wahab, 6'10 F – This kid has length for days out on the floor. Still a bit raw but scary to think of where this kid can go with the raw tools he has to work with. Offensive game is lagging a bit behind the defensive game at this point but you can see he has been working on that part since we saw him in season with his school team. Very bright future ahead for this young big who is only scratching the surface of what he will become.


Court Kings:

Zach Shumate – Never gives up on the play and keeps coming at you all game long. He was a bit outgunned in this one working against a huge Loaded squad yet held his own. He is always around the ball, has a good motor, and is crafty enough in and around the lane to get the job done. Team lost but effort never diminished. Nice showing.

Dang Kongdok – Impressive athlete makes plays with with his bounce and effort. Not a polished player by any means at this point but athletic ability and hustle leads him to produce each time we have seen him. His explosiveness allows him to be a factor on the glass as well as a threat on defense with his ability as a shot blocker. In a game loaded with athletes he still stood out,


Team United 16u:

Donald Hill, 6'4 F at Rocky River HS – Hill is a solid player who got the job done as an undersized forward in this event. He is strong and has more bounce than you expect at first look. He was a factor on the glass on both ends of the floor and fought the good fight on defense inside as well. Up and down game suited him fine as he was a factor all game long.

Jalen Barr, 6'1 2019 G – Very active young guard with an above the rim game to him. Got the crowd excited with a nice breakaway dunk in the first half and continued to show flashes of that explosion as the game went on. Impressive skill set here to be developed. More here to be had as he continues to develop.

Brandon Beidleman, 5'10 2019 G at Vance HS – Young shooter has range on him easy past the 3 point line. Add into this that he has some jets to him to go with solid on ball skills and what you have is a dangerous combo. He caught fire in the 2nd half hitting several big shots but also showed a willingness to move the ball when opportunity presented. A bit undersized but when his shot is falling he proved to be a handful out on the floor.


SC Tigers:

Jordan Rivers, 6'4 2019 F – Jordan is one of those kids that always seems to be around the ball when he is on the floor. He came off the bench but still led his team in rebounds in the first half while also knocking down shots when given the opportunity. Looked like he wore down some as the game went on but showed to be effective on both ends of the floor. Nice mid-range jumper shown.

Nicholas Docter, 6'3 G – The doctor was in for sure for this event as the do it all guard showed us a little bit of everything in this one. He is very comfortable with the ball in his hands, can drive the lane, and get after you on D. His effort on the defensive end will need to be a bit more consistent and the decision making part of his game needs to be developed but make no mistake, the kid can play.


Triad Hornets:

Jason Landrum, 6' 2018 G – Played with good energy all game and took advantage of opportunities when he found them. No one area of his game jumps out at you on the floor but was productive when given space to work.

Tavon Cameron, 5'10 2018 G – Do it all type of glue game to this kid makes for very effective player. He was one of the teams top rebounders, scorers, and he leader in assists in this one showing a diverse skill set. Tavon also provided spacing by being able to step back and hit a few big 3's. Would have liked to see him attack a bit more off the bounce but he played to his strengths all day and did not try to do too much. Impressive all-around performance here.

Timothy Boulware, 6'4 2018 F – Nice showing for the active young big. His opponent did not have an answer for him in the first half as he worked them over on the offensive end as well as on the glass. As the defense adjusted he did not get as many touches on the offensive end but his defensive effort and rebounding remain9d constant. Not much range on his jumper but he knows how to play inside, gives good effort, and is effective out on the floor. Not a star piece but one that can help you win games.


NC Runnin Rebels:

Kenyon Burt, 6'6 2018 F at Garner HS – Burt is one of the toughest players you will find in the state of North Carolina. He plays the game hard and never cheats it. He is a monster on the glass and has worked very hard on his offensive game as well. Facing NC Team Loaded and their all D1 frontcourt he more than held his own proving he is a threat for a double/double anywhere, anytime, versus anyone. We have really enjoyed watching his maturation as a player. One of weekends more impressive performances versus Team Loaded.

Chris Barnette, 6;1 2018 G at Ravenscroft – You are not going to find many better when it comes to shooting the rock in the South than this kid. Super quick release, deep range, and accurate this kid has been bombing opposing defenses for a while now. He has grown as player and now looks as comfortable at the 1 as he does as a spot up 2. All he needs is a second to get his shot off. Not a liability on the defensive end of the floor either.

Marque Maultsby, 6'3 2018 G at South Garner HS – Smooth all-around PG that knows how to run a team. He is the type of player that can go get you 15p/5a/5 rebounds any time he takes the floor. He has the ability to coast then turn it on in the blink of an eye and put it on you. Nice vision and an unselfish nature match well with his size and killer instinct out on the floor. Keeps getting better each time we see him work.

Omarion Jay

NC Loaded 15u:

Tyler Young, 6'7 2020 F at Dudley HS – Young is a dancing bear type of big that knows how to work it in the lane. He just eats up space and was impossible to move once he established position. Held the middle of the lane on the defensive end as well and did his job on the glass. Already a nice piece inside and still has 3 years to grown into what he will ultimately become.

Omarian Jay, 6'8 2020 F at Northern Durham HS – Good size/strength combo here in this kid. Best part to him is that he plays big, something you don't always see in young bigs. He rebounds with ease but he is also a good passer which allows him to spring the break or set others up in the half court when the double team comes. Would like to see him finish a bit stronger but he has all the tools needed to be an impact big in NC for the 2020 class.

Dean Reiber, 6'7 2020 F at Northwest HS – Lanky wing showed ability as a spot up shooter as he drilled multiple looks from deep. He can get his shot off quick but showed ability to put it on the ground and go off the dribble as well. With his size gets shot off easy versus smaller wings and can work inside some as well. Has a chance to develop nicely the next few years. Lot to like in this young wing.

Jalen Cone, 5'10 2020 G at Walkerton HS – Love seeing a young point guard take control and run a team. That is exactly what we saw from Jalen today. He showed maturity and understanding throughout the game as he controlled the pace, came to the ball, and made solid decisions throughout the action. He can get his just as easy as he can help you get yours and is very active on the defensive end of the floor. Already a nice looking PG in the 2020 class is in a spot to really shine these next few years.


NC Runnin Rebels 15u

Traneik Goode, 5'6 2020 G at Northern Nash HS – Shooter single handedly kept his team in the one we saw versus NC Loaded. He got on a roll and next we knew he had 6 3's with half the second half left to play. What he lacks in size he made up for with fight and confidence. Nice series saw him come down hit a big 3 then dive on the floor for a loose ball on the other end of the floor. Nice to see passion like this rewarded with a big game like he had here.


Carolina Magic:

Elijah Lockhart, 6'5 2018 F at West Meck HS – Powerfully built young athlete uses his strength and bounce to impact the game on both ends of the floor. Was hard to stop in and around the lane when in attack mode as he can get up and finish in a hurry. Has ideal build for a player at the next level but position is going to be a factor. Not really the size for the 4 and not the game for a 3 at this stage. Type of athlete though that is going to be productive regardless of where he lines up at on the floor.

Dewan Lesene, 6'2 W – Bouncy athlete had several highlight reel dunks in this event. He uses his speed and bounce to shine on the runout and has no issues finishing at the rim with authority. Did not get to see the shot much in this one as he was always going to the rim. Will need to see more of his game going forward but as of right now he is the type of athlete that you can work with as a coach.


Concord Raptors:

Garrett Hein, 6'6 2019 W – We love shooters and Garrett shows the potential to be a good one. With his length he has a built in advantage when it comes to getting his shot off and the quick release just adds to it. Has an issue with always getting his feet set but when he is dialed in he can knock them down. Showed the ability to drive off the bounce from the wing, something we'd like to see him develop further as his development continues. As he fills out frame and adds strength is going to be even more dangerous. Like the potential here.

Shane Hall, 6'1 2019 G – Shane had a nice showing this weekend showing the ability to impact the game in multiple ways. Has the ability to take it off the glass, drive it up the floor, and dish to the open man. He can also bury his head and take you to the hoop as well if needed. Gets the most out of his ability out on the floor. Not sure about his ceiling but has ability to be productive player.

Jordan Mineland, 6'1 2019 G – Kid attacks the game out on the floor. He has a good mix of size and strength out on the wing that serves him well. He never stopped coming on the offensive end. He gave solid effort on the defensive end as well as on the glass. Did not see the jumper much but did look really good in the transition game. Also showed to be an effective passer when needed but that being said his default is set to attack.