Porter Gaud Holiday Classic Saturday Midday Standouts

There's nothing like spending time in the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina and to make it even more enjoyable than to cover the Porter Gaud Holiday Classic presented by Phenom Hoop Report. Fort Dorchester (SC), Trinity Byrnes (SC), United Faith (NC), Greenville Charter (SC), Legacy Charter (SC), Village Christian (NC) Goose Creek (SC), Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach (SC), Porter Gaud (SC), and Liberty Heights (NC) all headline this event being held at the beautiful campus of Porter Gaud. Now, let's take a closer look at some of our Saturday Midday Standouts, but before we do, please. make sure you check out and read about Friday’s top performers.

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6’3 2021 Lawton Fulford (Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach)

It’s been a good two day stretch for the young 6’3 shooting guard. We’re talking about a fundamentally sound, high IQ player that can flat shoot the cover off the ball. He has outstanding range and touch and plays with a tremendous amount of confidence. The heady Fulford simply understands the game and does a lot of the the little things such as boxing out, moving without the ball, talking and being active on defense. In addition, he can serve as a secondary ball handler. Fulford has good court vision and often makes the right read leading to an assist. In the win over Trinity Byrnes, Fulford was named game MVP going for a game high 23 points including six 3-pointers.


6’2 2019 Mike Green (Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach)

Unsigned senior Mike Green will always bring consistency and a workmanlike approach to the game. Green simply knows the game. He is one of the more fundamentally sound player and has an advanced basketball IQ. More importantly, we’ve been impressed over the years and again this weekend with the degree of competitiveness he brings to the game. To put it simply, he is a true competitor and values winning. While Green is an effective 3-level scorer, he brings so much value with his unlimited intangibles and attributes. Green finished with 21 points including five 3-pointers and a perfect 6-6 from the free throw line.


6’0 2020 Jordan Jones (Trinity Byrnes)

Jordan’s play again today solidified his stock as a scholarship type point guard for the next level. The southpaw has terrific presence on the court. He’s a 3-level scorer, but is tremendously crafty around the paint. Jordan has good body control and rebounds well for his size/position, not to mention he has excellent anticipation on the defensive side of the ball. Jordan finished with a team high 21 points in the losing effort today and will be in the conversation as one of the better two-way point guard in the state for his class.



6’6 2021 Mason Grant (Fort Dorchester)

What you currently see is not the finished product. We’re talking about a youthful, but strong and physical wing that has tons of upside and potential. Grant is blessed with extremely long arms, high hips, and an abundance of enthusiasm that will enable him to become a solid D1 prospect. While Grant is best at or near the rim, he does have range and can occasionally knock down an attempted 3-pointer. Grant is a strong two-handed rebounder, passer friendly hands and most importantly a willing passer.