We've finally reached July, which is when travel basketball goes up another notch and can truly change the lives of these young prospects. There are numerous players that we feel are underrated within the state, but just on the brink of blowing up. This article will take a closer look at five guys (with varying offers) that should be regarded as definite Division I prospects.


6'0 '20 Jajuan Carr (Pender)

This list kicks off with Carr, who recently added Rider as his second offer to go along with East Carolina. However, it's still somewhat confusing that he hasn't collected at least a handful of offers throughout the region. Carr has gone toe-to-toe with every high-level guard in the state and has more than held his own. There aren't any major question marks surrounding his smooth, high-IQ game, which is what makes his recruitment that much more perplexing. Few guys in the state are as capable at reading the floor and making smart decisions than Carr, who consistently showcases the all-around tools to thrive at the next level. He's going to be a very hot commodity during July.


6'5 '20 Ahmil Flowers (Grimsley)

No player on this list has blown-up quite like Flowers, who essentially went from 'unknown' to a 'must-see' prospect in a matter of months. We've been watching him grow over the last few years, but his game really ascended to a new level at the beginning of this year. Flowers checks so many boxes with his frame, skill, versatility, athleticism, and long list of quality physical attributes. Above all else, he has the mentality that exemplifies winning and leadership. Flowers received his first few offers from our Phenom Challenge earlier in May, and has only continued dominating since that point. Division I coaches should certainly be enticed with his IQ and two-way approach, but also his young age, which makes his future progression that much more exciting.


6'4 '20 Zavian McLean (Village Christian)

After the second session of Phenom Team Camp, it became even more glaringly obvious that McLean should be coveted by all types of Division I programs. He was simply dominant in every facet of the game, scoring, defending, playmaking, rebounding, etc. Whatever needed to be done, McLean made a major point to do it. His blend of IQ, leadership, and dog-like intensity makes him a special talent. It's difficult to try and understand his lack of offers, especially as one of the top winners and most productive players in the state. McLean is the type of guy that will do anything to elevate his teammates or provide his team with an edge. It's an outright travesty if his recruitment doesn't take a serious step forward within the coming months.


6'0 '20 Anthony Allen (Independence)

Although it's already starting to happen, few players in the entire state deserve to blow up as much as Allen. The smart, tough, quick-twitch point guard has been a foundational staple with Independence for a while, but now it's his time to be the unquestioned two-way leader. Allen recently picked up his first Division I offer from Rider, and deservedly so, as he has been nothing short of unstoppable since the travel season began. He's sharp, poised, and athletic in every way, but also checks all the boxes in terms of skill, given his ability to create for himself or others while lighting it up across all three levels. Allen is a phenomenal leader by example that approaches every possession with unparalleled intensity. It's difficult to find any negative qualities within his exciting two-way game, which should certainly allow him to collect more offers throughout the next calendar year.


6'2 '20 Trevon Williams (Olympic)

Like Flowers, Williams has been somewhat of an unknown commodity to the masses before bursting onto the scene with DTA Elite this spring. He's long, athletic, and really knows how to overwhelm his assignment on both ends of the floor. Williams' only real reason for a lack of offers is simply due to him being completely off the radar prior to now. However, it's looking more and more likely by the day that he's going to become another surefire Division I prospect from the aforementioned DTA Elite team. Williams is just an ideal two-way guard that can shoot, handle, create, defend, and play either backcourt position, all with relative ease. There simply aren't guys as equipped and reliable as him in North Carolina, which is a big part of what would make him a fantastic addition to a variety of different programs at the next level.