There’s so much to like in North Carolina’s Class of 2021, given the depth and variety of high-level players at every position. That being said, it feels like Bryce Alfino is still somewhat underrated and could be on the cusp of something special. Earlier this year, Alfino really stepped out an established himself as a major cog for Davidson Day, complementing Jackson Threadgill and CJ Huntley particularly well while constantly stepping up when things went awry. There were various times when he was their leader and tone-setter on both ends of the floor. Unsurprisingly, Alfino doubles as a perfect fit for the Team Charlotte organization, primarily because of his defensive prowess, but also due to his unique blend of size, strength, and two-way versatility.


The growth has been quiet and subtle, but Alfino has continually improved in all facets of the game throughout the last few months. He’s phenomenal at attacking the rim, but is now a reliable perimeter shooter with the ability to spot-up or create off the bounce. Alfino takes quality care of the ball and looks for open teammates at every opportunity. He’s an exceptional two-way rebounder that positions himself extremely well and is able to outwork bigger/stronger opponents on the glass. While Alfino has become a pretty well-rounded player, his poise, intelligence, and versatility on defense is what separates him from other wing prospects. He’s legitimately capable of containing four positions at the high school level, which should definitely appeal to all types of college coaches. Alfino is still under-recruited and should already hold multiple scholarship offers, but will become a coveted prospect either way. Expect his stock to continue to rise, as he is starting to become one of the top wing prospects in North Carolina.