The North Carolina basketball landscape is arguably unlike any other, given the constant flux of talent across the state. Whether through public or private school, prospects seem to emerge each and every season. In looking at the public school side of things, few teams have been as successful as North Mecklenburg during the Duane Lewis era. Their reputation has withstood the test of time through a unique combination of talent, coaching, and location. With noteworthy guys like Tristan Maxwell, Trayden Williams, and Shamann Artis departing to the next level, the Vikings should expect to see new leadership beginning to surface. While there are various candidates, Davion Cunningham should be the odds-on favorite to grasp that role. 

Despite playing for a public school powerhouse, many folks aren’t really aware of Cunningham. He attended our David Rose MDC in 2018 and performed quite well, but still had almost no buzz surrounding his name. His first recognition wasn’t until a year later at our Phenom Opening with Team Loaded 704, where he was possibly the best guard within the entire program—not just their 704 squad. We stated, “Davion Cunningham (Team Loaded 704) has been the most polished and intriguing prospect from this team. He’s long, rangy, and offers a great blend of scoring, playmaking, and leadership.” His foundation was established, but it was still only the start of something bigger. Two months later at our Phenom Team Camp, we said, “Davion Cunningham (North Meck) has the chance to be a special type of guard, young but smart and polished beyond his years. He has a very smooth skillset with the ability to fill up the stat sheet.”

Although Cunningham’s name has been in greater circulation as of late, he’s still quietly one of the more dynamic, underrated prospects within North Carolina. He’s smart, skilled, rugged, and truly understands how to impact the game in every possible facet. Now, there’s really nothing preventing the all-around guard from taking the leap and vaulting himself into elite territory. He received his first Division I offer from Robert Morris less than a month ago, and should collect at least a dozen more over these next two seasons. Everything is coming together at the right time for Cunningham, so don’t be surprised to hear his name a lot throughout the foreseeable future.