Arael Jones

By Jacob Senyo (Rankings Report) 

There were some terrific guards on display at Teammate Nationals. These were some that caught my eye. 

2025 Arael Jones (Grind Academy)

Arael is a young guard that will be talked about a lot in the next couple of years.  He’s got great size at his position and uses it to his advantage. He controls the pace of the game and knows when to push to the ball or slow it down. He attacks the defense & finds gaps in the lane. Skilled behind his years. 

2024 Zion Walker (Carolina Rising Stars)

Zion is a strong guard that makes everyone better. He has a lethal jumper with a high extension, which makes it hard to contest. He also has plenty of bounce to dunk the ball and will in key situations. A tough defender that loves a challenge. 

2024 Christian Andrews (NLPB)

Christian took on the role of defending the best offensive player from each team. His vision this weekend was a site to see, hitting his players in the right spot & leading his team in assists all weekend.  He exploded & had a huge game, scoring at will against a very good Twin Hoops Team. 

2024 Kyle Greene (Sonny’s Wolves)

Kyle is a true floor general and a terrific scorer. He is very unpredictable and you can’t tell if he’s going to attack or dish the ball. He was on fire in the championship game & we believe he was the leading scorer with 30pts. He has an IQ that is beyond his years & translates well for the next level. 

2023 J.J. Moore 

J.J. was one of the quickest guards. His crossover and dribbling is almost impossible to stay in front of. He shoots the ball very well. His defense is intense & he takes pride in creating turnovers. I expect great things from him for many years to come. 

2021 LaMont McNeill Jr. 

LaMont is so shifty & confident. His jumper is upper echelon. He pushes the pace & the opponent has a hard time keeping up. He has a great layup package & has enough hang time to adjust in the air. He also shoots the ball very well from the outside. 

2025 Darnerian Gibson

Darnerian had a perfect balance of scoring the ball & facilitating to his teammates. He has a sweet floater that either swishes through the net or has a soft bounce of the rim. He can attack with either hand effortlessly so it’s hard to tell what is dominant hand is. He also adds a beautiful outside shot making him a problem for any opponent.