The guard play at Broome High school stood out on day two, there were a stable of young floor generals that really stole the show on day two of the live period.

The point guard position is arguable the most important position on the floor, and to man the reigns as an underclassman it takes a special type of leader. Lets take a look at four guards that set the tone for their squads, most will be new names but one may be familiar in some circles.

2021, 6’2, Umar Lawson (3ballElite) 15U

It was a slow day at Broome HS but Lawson definitely sped up that pace and brought up the energy with electrifying play.D1

Lawson plays the game at 150 MPH he’s a lot quicker and stronger than most of his peers, Lawson is a freak athletically in the early stages he’s already let a few jams out the bag from the dunk package.  Lawson carves defenses up on the way to the lane with a saucy but tight handle, his lateral quickness and footwork resembles a running back in the open field. Lawson stays square and low which makes it hard to get him off balance, Lawson also flashed advanced court vision at times when defenders attempted to key in. Lawson will pull defenders all the way in on the drive  and then dump off a dime to an open man, what really stands out is the motor and work ethic on both ends.

As a rising sophomore Lawson is mature beyond his years mentally, his approach to the game as a whole is just different. Lawson wants to beat you in every aspect of the game, Lawson will rebound the ball, scrap for 50/50 balls, and guard his man for 94 feet. Lawson has all l of the makings of a division one point guard.

5’11, 2020, Cleo Canty (3BallElite)

Canty is a running back in the open floor literally because he plays RB on the football field and he’s also on the track & field radar as a division one prospect.

CleoCanty made the quickest guards look slow all weekend, no matter the match up defenders couldn’t keep this guy in front or out of the lane. Canty is a stronger finisher than a several months  ago and also an improved shooter. Canty looks a lot more comfortable running the show and he’s become a more vocal leader. Canty has been balancing 7 on 7 workouts on the gridiron all week, and then made the trip down to join his guys during live period.

In their final game of day two Canty secured a big win, Canty went coast to coast and absorbed serious contact on the way to converting a game winning lay. The kid is playing aggressive and with big confidence.

6’0, 2021, Adonis Davis (Team Loaded 15U)

Davis is another tough scoring lead guard within the stable of point guards Loaded currently boasts, Davis is a natural born slasher and a wrecking ball coming through the lane.

Davis will go straight through the teeth of the defense and meet the rim protector at the cup, he really brought the noise all day for Loaded. Early on Davis earned his money in the lane,  Davis has nice ups for his height and he’s already good at keeping defenders on the hip and evading pressure. Davis also went 2-5 from three point range he made the defense respect his jumper, defensively Davis was locked in he is active in the passing lanes and he even blocked a couple shots.

The South Carolina product will carry some big expectations into next season, people have seen the potential and are aware of what Davis is capable of.

5’10, 2021, Clay Hodges, (Carolina Riptide)

Hodges has the heart of a lion he’ll take whatever the opposition dishes out and then he’s coming right back at you count on it.

Hodges is the floor general for a very competitive Riptide team who come to compete every game, Hodges is a creative floor general, he’s tough on the ball and he rarely commits turnovers.  Hodges looked comfortable in pick N roll sets and executing the break. Hodges is a distributor first but he can get a bucket, play off Hodges will flash some serious range, play up too close and Hodges is crafty enough to beat defenders off the dribble to the cup.Clay pic

At 5’10 Hodges is actually an efficient finisher around the rim, he’s got the floater in the bag and Hodges will use the rim or a bevy of ball fakes to freeze the trees down low.

The kid has some dog in him it’s impossible to ignore, in a very physical first game against High Level, Hodges took a bit of a cheap shot to the chops. Hodges didn’t lose his cool he kept composure got right back up and continued being a leader for the Riptide.