Phenom Hoops was excited to tune into ESPN 2 to watch Lake Norman Christian travel to Oak Hill in a game loaded with talent. Both teams battle throughout the game, but it was Oak Hill that came away with the home win. But here are a few of our thoughts from the game.

Lake Norman vs. Oak Hill

Final: Oak Hill 83 – Lake Norman Christian 66

  • 2023 Trey Green (Lake Norman) really played well on the floor.  Scored the ball when the opportunities were there but simply was a playmaker, finding his teammates well, controlling the pace, and leading the charge. He did have to battle some foul trouble and it was also good to see him come back after facing an injury late in the fourth quarter. Green though looked good with the ball in his hands.
  • 2023 Mikey Williams (Lake Norman) looked strong throughout the game.  He scored on multiple levels, knocking down tough shots from the perimeter, creating for himself, and getting to the line.  He just let the game come to him in the first half and made it look effortless at times.  Started to come on strong again late in the fourth quarter as well.
  • 2022 MJ Rice (Oak Hill) really played well. Coming off an injury-plagued season and not having a chance to watch him for some time now, he looks ready to roll and one can see has continued to expand his game.  Plays with such a strong feel, attacking the rim, and finishing through contact but also stretching the floor to knock down shots from the perimeter.
  • 2021 Camryn Carter (Oak Hill) made some big shots to help his team extend the lead, showing his ability to knock shots down from the perimeter especially.  Really stepped up in this matchup.  Also liked the impact he made on the defensive end as well.
  • 2021 AJ Allenspach (Lake Norman) played his role on the court and is someone that just brings a terrific mindset and energy to the court.  He just does a little bit of everything and is a leader for this team.  Plays really hard on both ends and makes winning plays.
  • 2021 AJ Williams (Oak Hill) provides a terrific spark on the court.  Can knock down shots from the perimeter with a quick release, is a really quick guard, and provided terrific energy for his team.
  • 2023 Caleb Foster (Oak Hill) is such a high-major talent on the court and it is tough to think that he is just a youngster still, because he operates like a veteran, plays his game and at his pace, has a nice balance of scoring and attacking, while also making plays for his teammates.  He should be regarded as one of the top point guards and prospects in his class by all outlets.
  • 2021 Jonathan Kurtas (Lake Norman) played well, as the big man ran the floor, moved well, finished at the rim, and showed touch.  The athletic forward also got on the boards as well.