Phenom Hoops had another terrific North Carolina Top 80 this past weekend, bringing in some of the best players around the state all under one building. We had a chance to check out a lot of players that you will be seeing at the next level, including players that can certainly help from outside. In this article, we discuss some of the top shooters from the event that we saw, as they really displayed how deadly they can be from behind the arc.

2024 6’3 Austin Swartz (Cannon):

Swartz has quickly been rising up the rankings and making his name well-known.  Playing for a program like Cannon though, that shouldn’t be a surprise as he is hoping to step up and help lead this team.  The rising sophomore has proven himself on multiple platforms and events throughout the summer and did so again at the NC Top 80, especially with how deadly he can be from behind the arc.

He has a tremendous amount of confidence as a young prospect and isn’t afraid to show off his range, as he knocked down three after three after three at the event.  Swartz though has shown to have more in his game, using his size, playing at a terrific pace, and has a terrific IQ for his age.  But his confidence was off the charts from three and simply enjoys playing the game.

2022 6’3 Jackson Holt (Moravian Prep):

There is no doubt about it, Holt is one of the premier shooters in the state and has shown that on countless occasions.  He gets to his spots incredibly well, doesn’t force his shots, but has the utmost confidence from outside; and he isn’t afraid to let it fly.  Holt moves extremely well without the ball and if you give him any space, he will make you pay.  And you are more surprised when he misses than when he makes a shot, as he can absolutely fill it up from behind the arc.

2023 6’5 Truman Claytor (Word of God):

I was excited to see what Claytor could provide on the court, especially after watching him operate during our open gym tour and in our fall league.  He showcased it again in Charlotte at the NC Top 80.  Claytor can score in an array of ways but his ability to step out and knock down shots was impressive. 

With his blend of size (6’5) and skill set, opponents had to respect his inside and outside game.  But time after time, we have seen his ability to be a natural shot-maker including from behind the arc.  Claytor should be a prospect more colleges get on quickly and his recruitment should only continue to rise.

2022 6’0 Shane Peterson (The Burlington School):

Peterson has consistently shown to be how big of a threat he can be from deep.  There have been several games in which Peterson steps up and showcases his ability to be a knock-down shooter, especially from deep.  The senior is such a competitor on the court and yes, he is able to create for himself in other ways but he can really make his presence known with his outside game.  I expect a big season for this sharp-shooter at The Burlington School once again and he gave us just a glimpse of what he is capable of at the NC Top 80.