What an event it was once again at the Phenom Post Grad/Prep Nationals, as there was so much talent to be found all around. College coaches were swarming the facility to check them out, and there were a few guards that grabbed my attention all throughout the event. Here are names that I personally viewed, that impressed throughout the weekend.

2023 Davyon Butler (North Florida Prep): Butler was a name that we were interested in seeing again on the court, as the 6’5 brings intrigue with his game.  With his size, Butler came out strong and continued to show flashes of his ability to be an impact scorer. He did a nice job in creating his own shot, finishing over defenders, getting downhill, and scoring in a variety of ways. Butler has the size, the bounce, and athleticism to be very effective.

2023 Earle Greer (Rocktop Academy): We certainly heard about Greer coming in, so we were excited to see him in action at the PG Nationals. The 6’8 prospect didn’t disappoint at all, as he brings a lot of intrigue with his size and ability to fill it up.  Greer is wired to score the ball, and he can do so in a variety of ways. Whether it is with showing range, his pull-up game in transition, or his ability to get to the basket to score, his ability to use his size to his advantage was tough to slow down.

2023 Shaedon Simpson (Combine): Simpson continues to be a name that pops up on our lists, and he should be getting more looks (and he has been). Simpson is a fluid, smooth scorer that continues to develop and add more to his game. He can be a threat with his jumper and range, something he shows with consistency but he has been able to show more of his ability to make plays by creating off the bounce.

2023 KJ Vasser (TSF): Vasser had himself a terrific showing at the Phenom PG Nationals, including the game-winning basket to help his team secure the championship. Vasser is a 6’3 prospect that really showed his ability to be a knockdown shooter, whether it was off the catch or off the bounce. He certainly wasn’t afraid to let it fly or of the bright lights, Vasser really stepped up. He is a high IQ player, one that can make plays in a variety of ways, but also is a leader on both ends. Really enjoyed what we saw overall from him.

2024 Izaah Cannon (Olympus): Cannon is a 6’5 prospect that was efficient and consistent on the court. He is a wiry guard that thrives as a scorer on the floor, one that can make plays from different levels, shows good footwork, and good athleticism. With his length and feel, Cannon showed that he can be a weapon on the floor and fill it up. It is why schools have been looking his way.

2023 Nick Jones (Olympus): Want to talk about a prospect that could fill it up, Jones certainly earned that recognition with his explosive play and his filling up the stat sheet. Jones, a 6’2 prospect, was able to get where he wanted, when he wanted; being able to create and score, get to the line consistently, and was able show his wiggle and vertical athleticism.

2023 Issa Bakers-Toombs (Hamilton Hall): Baker-Toombs had himself a strong showing at the event, and captured a few eyes with his scoring output. Our own, Jeff Bendel, recently had this to say: “He’s a strong, physical guard with the ability to consistently penetrate or get downhill in transition and make plays with the ball in his hands. Baker-Toombs finishes with touch and athleticism, and knocks down perimeter jumpers at a healthy rate.” He had a great day scoring 38 points in a game, and was able to make a variety of plays throughout the event.

2023 Bryce Wilkins (Franklin Prep): We recently saw Wilkins at the Prep Showcase, and he came back again to the Nationals to put on a show. The 6’8 prospect is very intriguing with how he can operate on the floor. He is a fluid prospect that shows the ability to finish in the paint and around the basket, but also score on putbacks, is able to step out, and shows his motor on both ends.