Sometimes as scouts, you just need to get your thoughts written out, and a player that recently made headlines as far as a commitment was 2024 Austin Swartz as he committed to the Miami Hurricanes on Tuesday.' Swartz has been a player that Phenom Hoops may have seen the most throughout the country, from when he was part of our Junior Phenom camp, and each and every year on our platform; I've had the pleasure of watching him develop into the player he is today.

So, in writing this, I wanted to provide more of my thoughts on his decision to be part of the Hurricanes program and why I believe he has a chance to be something special for the program, as well as a name to remember in the ACC.

Starting off, Swartz has grown and developed into one of the top guards in the country, but it wasn't always like that for him early on as he had to earn that recognition over time from several national outlets.' But when watching him, Swartz showed that he understood how to be an effective scorer and he only added more to his game year after year.' Now, he has proven to be one of the best scoring guards that I've seen, and there aren't many that can match his game.' When you watch Swartz in action, he is excellent in his ability to create for himself, score from all levels, be a tremendous threat from behind the arc, and is one of the most gifted shot-makers in the country.' His ability to make difficult shots look easy can absolutely mesmerize you, and I truly believe that he will bring that elite scoring ability to Miami.

Since being part of Phenom Hoops, I haven't seen too many players of his caliber when it comes to being an elite scorer.' One player that comes to mind from my time was Cam Thomas, who eventually played at LSU and is now in the NBA; Thomas was one of the best scorers in the country and he made it look easy.' That is who Swartz reminds me of' they have different styles of play but in sheer scoring ability, these two seem to be on another level at times.' And what others don't realize is how Swartz impacts the game in other ways; his rebounding ability, his ability to facilitate, and so much more.

Swartz is certainly charismatic off the court and an elite prospect on the court, which is why I do have high thoughts on what he could ultimately be at Miami and in the ACC.' He has a chance to be a big name for the program, and one of the best scoring guards once his collegiate career is complete.' This is why, I believe, that the future is incredibly bright for this young man and he will be making his mark in a big way at the next level.