It certainly hasn’t been the summer many had hoped but we were able to get a chance to have travel ball this season at Phenom Hoops, with constant action going on in the gyms of South Carolina. With the season winding down for many, let’s start taking a look back at the bigger picture and see which players should see their stock rise after an impressive season. This will be a several part series, with several more coming your way.

Nygell Verdier (Anthony Morrow Elite) – 2021/ 6’4

Verdier was part of an impressive DTA Elite team last summer that really caught people’s eyes and he continued that production at Independence high school this past season as well.  But this summer, getting multiple chances of viewing his game, Verdier showed us more about his ability on the court.  He was extremely aggressive, showing that he could score on multiple levels and be a real force. 

He understands how to operate at multiple positions with his frame, size, shooting, and ability to initiate the offense, as he put up several 20+ and 30+ outings at Phenom Hoops events this summer.  Being part of the 2021 class, schools should really start taking more of a look at this young man and what he could potentially provide down the road.

Cole Callaway (Carolina Cavs/ NLPB) – 2023/ 6’3

Callaway has been a name Phenom Hoops has been familiar with but this young man continues to improve each time we see him at an event.  From when we first saw him, being mainly a spot-up shooter, to being more aggressive at the Phenom 150 camp in which he led the camp in scoring, to now… where he is a really playing at a high level, scoring from multiple levels, and demonstrating a good IQ on the court. 

Remember, this is a young man that is still part of the 2023 class and has several more years ahead of him to continue to work on his overall game, adding more to his arsenal.  But we have seen and know that he puts in the hours with his game and will continue to do so.  Capping off the season with a nice 40-point performance certainly shows what he could be capable of doing. Schools are already starting to catch on but more could be coming down the road his way as he continues to define his game.

Toby Harris (Carolina Flyers) – 2021/ 6’7

Honestly, this one is a bit confusing to see his name on this list.  Why? Because this young man should already have multiple offers with his 6’7 size and ability to be a knockdown shooter.  Jeff Bendel said it best recently in an article:

“He is a skilled, versatile, offensive machine with a phenomenal combination of IQ, shooting, and passing. Harris is a quality athlete and better than opponents think defensively—both at accumulating blocks and defending in space. Although he needs to continue adding strength, his overall toughness isn’t really in question. Harris can lead or adapt to a role and thrive in either situation, which is another reason that makes his recruitment so perplexing.”

Harris played terrific all summer long and I’m not sure what else it will take for schools to recognize what he brings to the table.  He is an incredibly smart young man, both on and off the court, and he has already played in big games and had big-time performances.  Harris is one that should see his stock rise.

Jacob Morgan (Carolina Riptide) – 2021/ 6’6

Morgan can be described in one word this summer… productive.  Every game, opponents knew that he was going to be one, if not the, leading scorer for the Riptide, and time-after-time, he produced.  You could almost always lock Morgan in for double-digit points and getting on the boards.  Multiple events, he averaged over 20+ points per game throughout the weekend. Morgan is one that is constantly moving on the court, moving around inside and out on the offensive end, looking to find his openings.  And with his ability to knock shots down from three, the mid-range, or finish at/around the rim, it can create some headaches for defenders.  He also plays with a great understanding of how to attack defenders in what they are giving him, showcasing his IQ and motor on the court. 

Each and every time he stepped on the court, Morgan produced, much like he did this past high school season.  He already holds a few offers but with his ability to score on different levels consistently, Morgan is one that could see his stock continue to rise the more you watch with him.