It certainly hasn’t been the summer many had hoped but we were able to get a chance to have travel ball this season at Phenom Hoops, with constant action going on in the gyms of South Carolina. With the season winding down for many, lets start taking a look back at the bigger picture and see which players should see their stock rise after an impressive season. This will be a several-part series, with several more coming your way.

Daniel Sanford (Team Charlotte 16u) ' 2022/ 6'8

We got a lot of chances to watch Sanford go to work this summer playing with Team Charlotte 16u and each time we watched him, we came away impressed.' We already have seen what Sanford provides on the court with his blend of strength, length, and mobility but Sanford gave us a little more to his game, something that you didn't always see last season.

One can see that he has been putting in the work to stretch his game out, as he continues to really play strong around the paint.  Sanford though gave us multiple glimpses that he is working on putting the ball more on the deck, creating for himself, and continuing to improve his range on his shot.  Adding that to a player that can absolutely play bully ball and finish strong at the rim, his recruitment should continue to rise with programs.

Trey Green (Team Charlotte 16u) ' 2023/ 5'10

In a loaded 2023 class in North Carolina, Green may have seen the biggest rise in his stock.' In what we mean, there were plenty of prospects in the 2023 class that we saw but we also knew just how talented they were.' For Green, we knew that the talent was there but he took this summer to another level.' Green is a 5'10 point guard that can play at different paces on the court, pushing the tempo and forcing the action or playing the half-court.' He also plays incredibly strong and surprises many with his athleticism for a player his size.'

Green ran the offense incredibly well all throughout the summer, playing with a great IQ, reading defenses well, finding his teammates, scoring on multiple levels, and stepping up on the defensive end.  This young man really made a big impression on us at Phenom Hoops on multiple occasions and he should really start catching more eyes with college programs, earning more offers.

Elijah Gray (Team Curry 16u) ' 2022/ 6'8

Gray really came onto the scene a little over a year ago, eventually earning his first offer back in September of 2019.  He continued to attract attention with his ability to stretch the floor but this summer, Gray looked like he had something to prove and that he did.  All throughout the summer, you heard the intrigue and versatility that he brought to the floor.  And he continued to show that throughout the summer, with his last impression on Phenom Hoops was at the Phenom Stay Positive, putting on 29-point and 32-point performances. 

Gray can be a mismatch on the floor with his size and with him being so comfortable along the perimeter.  He moves extremely well on the floor and can operate form multiple areas; whether it is running the floor, finishing inside, or stepping outside.  This summer, Gray reminded everyone why he is one to really watch this upcoming season and is why more programs from multiple levels are coming his way.

Jeremy Gregory (Team Charlotte 16u) ' 2022/ 6'8

Yes, it is our third Team Charlotte prospect. Yes, it is another forward that impressed this season.  But all three have deserved it.  Gregory has been really off the charts with his production level this summer.  His transformation in his body, his speed, his footwork, and touch has been noted several times of the year and it seems to be all coming together.  Playing at North Meck this past season has really helped him in a lot of ways and he is now getting a chance to show that he can be a force down low. 

Gregory has a solid frame and moves well on the court, also showing tremendous hands on the offensive end that he uses well.  His touch around the rim and his ability to get on the boards has been continued to improve, as Gregory now has become one of the most consistent threats down low for Team Charlotte.  His confidence levels continue to rise every time he steps on the floor and schools should be making him a bigger priority.