Phenom Hoop State Session II Quick Hitters

Ervin Bennett – QC Thunder 17U

  • Quick and solid guard, takes what the defense can give him. Attacks the basket well and really had a nice pull-up jumper that was on display in Game 1, with 19 points.

Adafe Price – QC Thunder 17U

  • Price is one that we have been impressed with at our Phenom150 events this year, so it was great to see him again in action. Had some slow moments but then a few that just made you saw 'Wow'. Really can get up at the rim and with his hops, you think any ball coming off the rim would be his.

Devante Barker – United Celtics 17U

  • Barker really filled up the stat sheet in Game 1 and was impressive. Really attacked and forced the defense to foul him or he was going to make a play. Shot 13 FT's in Game 1, knocked down a few key threes, and showed him mid-range skill, ending up with 27 pts. He also had a 39 point performance later in the day, proving he was unstoppable throughout.

Tremain Lawrence – Juice All-Stars 17U

  • Young man has been a name around North Carolina and it is great to see him on the court at the Hoop State Challenge. Physically, he passes all the check-offs and is a strong guard. He can score at all levels and can really beat up his opponent.

Jordan Beale – Save Sports Rim Rockers

  • Young man has produced every time he has stepped on the court. Quick and agile, nice stroke from three (smooth), and can have some nice defensive moments, especially with his length.

Carter Collins – Durham Hurricanes

  • Collins is a flat out scorer and even though he was quiet at times on Day 1, he showed what he could do on Day 2. Scored the ball consistently in both halves and really ran the offense well.

Javier Rogers – Save Sports

  • He might be a small built but this is definitely a scoring first point guard that knows how to fill it up in an array of ways. Quick, shifty, and really good speed, the young man led the way in Game 1 with 21 pts

Matt Rakes – Carolina Crossover

  • This young man is like the energizer bunny and always on the move. Small quick guard that showed he is capable of scoring, hitting five three's in Game 2. Was the leading scorer for his team for much of the day.

Greyson Collins – High Point Havoc

  • This kid averaged 26 points per game in this event and just was an outstanding scorer throught the event. His name was a hot topic throughout the Session II event.

Hamsah Nasirildeen – CC Flight

  • This kid is simply an athlete and could be seen more on the football field. But he proved he can get it down and has an outstanding frame that is really hard to stay in front and body up against.