2021 6’3 AJ Smith (Hickory Grove Christian)

Smith is a known scorer, getting downhill and battling with the best all over the court.  He is at his best when he gets to the rim, using his physical stature to finish through contact.  But as we have mentioned, he is becoming even more deadly with his outside shot, something he has worked on a ton heading the season.

2020 6’0 Shakeel Moore (Moravian Prep)

Moore has the bounce, athleticism, and scoring capabilities that a college program is going to love.  But what people overlook all the time is his ability to be an elite defender, which will carry him a LONG way in his career. 

2020 6’10 Justice Ajogbor (Christ School)

It has been some time since watching Justice in action but boy was he impressive.  The big man showed patience, great timing, and soft hands to go along with his size and strength.  He plays incredibly smart on the floor and is going to be a force down low, especially with is the ability to seal off defenders.

2021 6’7 Omarion Bodrick (Independence)

Bodrick is such a talent on both ends of the floor.  You can put him as an elite shot-blocker as well as a difference-maker on defense with his length and speed.  Offensively, Of course, he is a high-riser and terrific in transition but he really is expanding his game.

2022 6’8 Charles McClennahan (Calvary Day)

First time getting to see McClennahan but you have to like what you see.  A prospect that can play and defend multiple positions, runs the floor well, and can score inside, mid-range, and from three.  One to really keep an eye on down the road.

2021 5’10 Drew Redmond (Christ School)

You have to give this quick point guard credit today at the event.  He handles the ball well, uses his speed to his advantage with a quick change of direction, and always has his head up to find his teammates.  He is going to be big for Christ School this year.

2020 6’8 Jemal Davis (Liberty Heights)

Each and every time we get to watch Davis, you find more intrigue in what he provides on the floor.  As a lengthy 6’8 wing type prospect, one has to like his ability to defend down low.  Offensively, he is in constant movement, handles the ball well in transition, and finishes well around the rim and with his mid-range.  His wingspan is a big advantage on the floor along with his mobility.  Tough for defenders to match up.