Carmello Whitaker

2028 Nyshawn Hughes (CSB Elite 2028): Hughes is a young big who will be certainly one to track as he continues to develop, but he shows flashes in what he could be at the high school level. Tremendous size and build, finished strong around the basket, was able to create off the bounce, and was strong on the boards.  Excited to see what he could be in the end.

2028 Carmello Whitaker (CSB Elite 2028): Whitaker was another impressive prospect to watch out for, as the long, wiry prospect brings a lot of versatility, can operate from multiple levels, create and finish at the rim, but also play multiple positions on the floor.  He should be one of those 2028 prospects to jot down and monitor more as he develops.

2028 Kyler Whitt (NLPB): Whitt did it all for his team, whether it was stretching the court with his perimeter game as he hit multiple threes, but also was able to get inside the defense, get to the line consistently, and be an efficient scorer on the court.  He went for 18 points to lead his team in Game 1, and really made his mark throughout the game.

2028 Brayden Ragland (CP3): Ragland was an absolute monster on the court today, and clearly put his name on the radar early on as a player to watch in the Class of 2028. Big, physical, and able to embrace contact and finish, Ragland was unstoppable on the court and all over the boards, on his way to 29 points to lead his team in Game 1. Very impressive showing from the young man.

2028 Jeremiah Thomas (CP3): Thomas is one that we continue to highlight, and it would be wise to start checking him out more as the years go on. There is a lot to like about his game with his size, his length, his impact on both ends, and his versatility. He can play multiple positions, and mix it up offensively down low or stretch the floor. But also does a nice job getting out in the passing lanes, creating turnovers, and simply making plays.

2029 Deuce Turgeon (NC Rise): Turgeon came out ready to play today, and he showed that he isn't bashful about letting it fly as he hit three after three after three. For a player at his age, he has terrific range with his game, with a confident release as well.  He was on fire with his shot-making all throughout the day, especially in Game 2 when he went for 38 points.