2021 6’3 Glynn Hubbard (Charlotte Supremes): Hubbard did a tremendous job in blending his ability to score but also showcase his ability to find/set up his teammates.  On multiple occasions, he attacked off the dribble and found his teammates for easy buckets. But also continues to show his speed and ability to score on multiple levels.

2024 6’3 Bishop Boswell (SBC): Boswell is going to be a young talent in the state of NC for quite some time.  He already sports a tremendous frame but his ability to play and impact the game in multiple ways is fun to watch.  He excels in the open floor and initiating the offense, finding his teammates in great positions but also can play off the ball and score on multiple levels with a smooth game. 

2021 6’6 Bryson Nesbitt (SBC): Nesbitt isn’t one that is going to light it up offensively but what the football star does for this team plays a key role.  He is light on his feet, shows quick post moves, plays unselfish basketball, and has a good motor on both ends.  Just seems to make plays in a key role.

2022 6’2 Calik Thomas (Charlotte Supremes): Thomas is going to continue to show his game at Northside this season.  At the Fall Finale, he found the most success in his ability to play off the ball, but then attack the rim.  Thomas is one that can make an impact on both ends and can really do a lot for a team on the court.

2023 6’0 Mychael Mitchell (Charlotte Supremes): Young guard but man, does he bring it on the court on both ends.  He is an incredibly quick guard that is effective on both ends of the court.  He can bring it on the defensive end, creating havoc for opponents and playing in their face, while also using his speed to attack on offense.

2021 6’8 Julius Peacock (Raleigh’s Finest 2022): Peacock does a tremendous job in running the floor, getting from rim to rim, and displaying nice athleticism.  He uses that same athleticism to be a difference-maker on the boards and blocking shots.

2021 Luke Proctor (Papa Pete’s): Proctor was feeling it from behind the arc, knocking down seven 3-pointers to help lead his team.  But this isn’t anything new for the senior guard, as he can easily catch fire from behind the arc and has done so multiple times.

2021 Kenny Noland (Papa Pete’s): There is a reason why Noland is seeing his recruitment take off and he showed it early today.  He plays with such a natural feel to the game, seeing the floor and playing with a great IQ.  Just love his overall fee with his ability to create and find his teammates, not force anything, but also score the ball consistently.

2021 6’10 Kuluel Mading (NL Disciples): We already know what this young man can do with his length, continuing to be a difference-maker running the floor, rebounding, and blocking shots.  But what was noticeable is that he has really been working on his overall feel and handles, putting the ball on the deck and looking to create for himself off the dribble more.

2021 Jaden Ellis (Team Cobras): Ellis is one that can make a difference on both ends, getting into defenders and creating turnovers, while also showing his scoring capability.  He plays hard and scores with ease at times.

2024 6’7 Draven Pilson (NL Disciples): Pilson is just another name that you will want to keep an eye on in the class of 2024.  But he already stands at 6’7, is long and wiry, to go along with his bounce.  He made a few impressive run-down blocks defensively and is only going to continue to grow into his offensive game.