2026 6’4 Kendre Harrison (CSB 2026): Harrison is a young big that captures your eye with his frame and body early on.  You also have to like his solid hands at an early age, Harrison can really make a presence known down in the paint and it will be interesting to watch him develop down the road. A new name to put on the watch list.

2025 Trevor Best (NLPB): Best is going to be a name that you will want to remember and watch when you can. This is a very young and skilled guard that has a great IQ and has that ability to take over on the court. His blend of vision, skill, and scoring capability is big time and he is going to be a name in the 2025 class to really start tracking.

2024 Rakease Passmore (NLPB): Every time I get a chance to see Passmore in action, I become even more fascinated with his game.  It just seems that he continues to elevate his play every time out.  We know about his size and athleticism but if he continues to show his outside game, in which he knocked down six threes in his first game, the future seems incredible bright and he looks to be an unstoppable force on the court.

2023 Jayden Harper (NLPB): Harper really jumped out with his game as well, as he was effective in an array of ways.  He already is a skilled guard, making great passes and decisions but he was extremely aggressive as well, able to show confidence in his game on multiple levels, and creates for himself and with craft.

2024 Austin Swartz (CB Hoops): Swartz is a 6’3 young prospect that has a bright future and looks to be one part of a future at Cannon.  He plays with a tremendous IQ, has a great looking shot with confidence, and knows how to make plays.  Swartz has a tremendous feel at an early age and is only continuing to develop.

2024 Brandon Smith (EA Prep): Even though it was a struggle overall for his team, Smith was the true bright spot and continues to show that he is going to be a name in the 2024 class. Long, athletic, and understands how to be the lead dog on the floor, he brings a lot of intrigue and potential to the floor as he continues to grow overall.

2023 Donovan Raymond (West Charlotte): Potential, potential, potential… Raymond has clearly improved his overall feel for the game, being more comfortable defending and operating outside the paint, but also showing to be more aggressive in scoring and using his size to his advantage.  But there is still a ton of upside to his game and when it all comes together, watch out.