2022 6’6 Daniel Sanford (Cougars 704): Sanford continues to make his game known and he continues to expand with how he can operate on the court.  First off, he looks and plays like a grown man on the court, physically outmatching everyone for the most part.  But it is his work ethic on both sides that should have big-time schools calling his way.

2022 6’4 Silas Demary (Chris Clemons Elite): It will eventually catch on if you say it enough… Demary is going to be one that should see an uptick in his recruitment quickly.  He does a tremendous job in creating for himself off the dribble as well as for others, and just has a knack in how to score the basketball when needed.  He continues to make strides in his game each time he comes out.

2023 6’0 Hamilton Campbell (Moravian Prep Regional): Campbell can be electric in the open floor, with his ability to change direction, get defenders off-balance, and his ability to see the floor, and find his teammates in open spots.  For a young point guard, he has a lot of intangibles that coaches will like.

2022 6’7 Jeremy Gregory (Mad Maxin’): Gregory continues to elevate his game down around the rim, really becoming a scoring force (even more than he has) with his touch, running the floor, and finishing around the rim and through contact.  Another strong showing once again in what he hopes to be a big year for him.

2022 6’2 Gabe Proctor (Papa Pete’s): For the second straight game, Gabe put on a show, scoring 20+ points early on in both games.  In his second game, he was absolutely feeling it from deep once again, hitting 8 3-pointers for his team.  Once this man gets hot, watch out!

2021 6’5 Chris Ford (Galvani’s Gunners): Ford may not always blow you away but man, can he be effective and he really played with a tremendous physicality on both ends of the floor. He played tough, attacked the glass, and finished strong all throughout his first game. 

2023 6’2 Robert Dillingham (Combine Academy): What can you say… this kid is special.  Leading the charge once again and with opponents knowing that he can score the ball, Dillingham continues to produce and be one of the top scorers not only in NC but in the country.

2022 Freddie Dilione (A Good Dude): The long, athletic wing showed that he can attack and be effective in many areas of the court.  He showcased a nice ability to attack off the dribble, using his length to his advantage but also rising up off the dribble.  He continues to produce at a high level and more college coaches need to take notice.

2021 Saiquone Harris (Juice All-Stars Stephenson): Harris continues to be a mismatch on the floor.  Hard to stop a 6’8 prospect that knows and understands how to operate against multiple defenders. Inside or out, Harris does a tremendous job of understanding how to attack defenses on what is given to him. Finished Game 1 with 30 points.

2022 6’1 Landon King (Patriots 704): King is a newer name around the Charlotte area but is quickly making a name for himself with his ability to score in multiple ways.  The 6’1 guard gets out and attacks downhill well but also has a knack of rising up with his jumper.  Has a good feel for how to put the ball in the basket for his team.