2022 Nate Brafford (Team Swish): Brafford continues to be a mismatch on the court with his 6’8 frame and his ability to score anywhere on the court.  He has a confident jumper and release, stretching out to three-point line but also uses that length to finish well over and around defenders. He continued to show why more schools are recruiting him.

2021 Darius Sibert (Metro Commandos): The 6’5 wing prospect brings versatility and one that can play from multiple areas on the court. Brings a good motor, is active also on the boards but was impressed with his blend of athleticism at the rim as well as his confidence level in rising up and knocking down jumpers from multiple levels.

2022 Lawrence Bartee (Next Level SC): Bartee captures your eyes immediately with his 6’9 frame and college coaches certainly could use that. But he showed that he is more than just size, as he moves well on both ends of the court, runs out in transition, and can be a difference-maker in protecting the rim and having a solid feel down in the post, as well as stretch the floor. One to keep an eye on for sure.

2021 Daylan Askew (Team PUSH NC): Askew was terrific for his team, as he showed his ability to fill up the state sheet and score in an array of ways. He continues to show he has a great feel on the court, is a three-level scorer, and simply is a creative score on the court.  Love his feel with his pull-up jumper.

2022 Chatham Lambiotte (Team Disciples): Lambiotte had a strong start to his Day 2 in Rock Hill, finishing with 26 points and scoring all around the basket and in the paint. The 6’6 prospect continues to show that he can be an enforcer on the court, especially with his strong built and toughness on the court.

2021 Oliver Farris (ACE Elite): A 6’8 senior had a excellent start to his Day 2 on the floor, as he continues to show that he brings strength to the floor as well as touch. Just has a natural feel and uses his size well on the floor.

2021 Josef Fullwood (WBC Elite Aria Paris): I’m not sure if there has been anyone over the last two weeks that has been more consistent with his scoring output than Fullwood.  He continues to carve up defenses and gets to the line well.  Brings an aggressive game to the floor which allows him to get points form the line or around the basket.

2023 William Brimmer (Eastern Carolina Phenomz): A young guard on the east coast continues to make a name for himself more and more. Brimmer showed it all to start his Day 2 action, scoring from the perimeter, attacking and finishing at the rim, and simply creating for himself while showing his athleticism at times also.