2025 Q Williams (CP3 2025): Williams was IMPRESSIVE to start Day 3 to say the least.  His feel for the game, his instincts, and his vision in finding his teammates is big-time.  But he also showcased his shiftiness, his ability to read defenders, and see the game slow down with his ability to score the basketball.  He was cookin’ to start his day and is going to be a big-time player in NC in the coming years.

2022 6’4 Rasheed Baldwin (Charlotte Hoyas): Baldwin was strong to start Day 3, finishing with 25 points but making an impact in an array of ways. He scored the ball effectively, showcased nice athleticism to finish at or around the rim.  But also liked his impact defensively, really getting after it and moving his feet to defend.

2024 Jordan Vick (Team Trezz): Vick was impressive, showing why colleges are already looking and coming his way.  He has such a nice blend of playmaking ability, knocking down shots from the perimeter with a smooth/confident pull-up, or creating for himself and finishing strong. Impressive start to his day finishing with 26 points to help his team to the big win.

2021 Nick Green (Team PUSH NC): With coach yelling out… “You’re not just a shooter,” Green gave us a glimpse of his entire game and more.  Of course, he showcased his ability to knock down shots but also showed tremendous patience, reading what the defensive gave him, and attacking while finishing around the rim and through contact.

2024 Bryson Cokley (CP3): Cokley is quickly emerging as one of the premier players in his class, putting everything together and becoming an even more dominant figure on the court.  Cokley 6’6 body, his athleticism, and versatility on the floor is what quickly catches your eye but his overall development and with him being more aggressive with his game, Cokley is starting to put it all together.

2022 Xavier McKelvy (Charlotte Royals): McKelvy simply put on a show, one that certainly many won’t forget.  The strong guard took over and propelled his team to a win, scoring 22 of his 33 points in the second half, knocking down shots from behind the arc, and finishing strong around and at the rim. He simply a D1 player in my eyes and he is showing that time and time again.

2022 Elijah Huffman (Big Shots SC): Huffman played really well today, playing strong around the paint, getting on the boards, and racking up second-chance points while finishing through contact.  He was a dominant player that played with a great motor and energy, finishing the day with 23 points.

2022 Patrick Wessler (CC Elite): It is becoming quite apparent that Wessler is the top big in his class for North Carolina and he is now showing/doing it consistently day in and day out. He shows tremendous skill, is strong in the paint, and shows really good touch around the basket; Wessler is becoming a terrific all-around big and a dominant presence on the court (even more than he always was).