2022 6’5 Jaheim Dodd (Upstate Preps): Dodd did a lot for his team on the court. He scored the ball effectively around the paint but also stepped out with his jumper, as well as getting on the boards and getting out in transition, making plays off the dribble.

2023 Gabe Hernandez (Team Hardaway): Hernandez was simply tough.  He made multiple plays on the court, creating well for himself, finishing strong through contact, and showing a fluid jumper to his game.  Really stepped up big in the second half to help his team for the win.

2022 Neeko Taylor (Raising Young Men): Taylor continues to be a consistent scoring force on the court and has done so each time he comes to play in a Phenom Hoops event.  He did it again on Day 1, really showing his perimeter shooting by knocking down six 3-pointers to help his team secure the win.

2024 Carson and Chase Daniel (CC Elite): These two young guards have a bright future ahead of them and they continue to grow with their game.  They are tremendous in the open floor and with their handles, creating space and getting defenders guessing but they also battle and are scrappy on defense as well.  Watch out for these two young point guards in NC for sure.

2022 Justin Covington (Mamba Squad): Despite playing in the final game, Covington played really well and was aggressive all night long.  He has good speed, excelled in transition, and finished well with touch. He really helped carry the load to propel his team to the win.

2022 Joel Baucom (Combine West): When talking about some of the best shooters in the class of 2022, Baucom has to be a name to put on the list.  But Baucom’s ability to pull up and let it fly from the three is impressive.  He continues to get better each and every time we see him on the court.

2023 Moses Tufts (Team Trezz): Tufts played tough and he may have had one of the more impressive showings to help his team grind out a big win late in the day.  Whether it was pulling up from three or mid-range, create for himself off the dribble, or play a physical game and finish around the bucket, he showed it all.

2022 Karon Boyd (Charlotte Hoyas): Boyd is just another one to add on to the list of 2022 players that continues to fly under the radar but he always brings production and did so once again.  Whether it was scoring, rebounding, defending, or making plays for others, Boyd continues to fill up the scoresheet and make plays time after time.