2024 Mason Hagedorn (Combine AAU): Hagedorn was certainly a player we had our eyes on coming into the event and he didn’t disappoint on Day 1 at the Phenom Challenge. Hagedorn started out a little slow in the first half, but scored 22 of his 30 points in the second as he led the charge. The 6’10 forward was able to show his ability to not only make his mark down in the paint, but also be that stretch forward that can hit multiple threes (hit 6 total in the game) as well as be a strong presence on the boards.  If he continues to play as he did, he should be a hot topic among college coaches.

2025 Josh Yates (Carolina Riptide): Yates was assertive and aggressive with his play. Not only did he not settle and attacked the defense, as he consistently was able to get to the free throw line; but he also was strong in making plays off the dribble to set up his teammates as well.  Yates really brought a strong and balanced attack on Day 1 at the event and is a point guard that should only continue to flourish this weekend.

2025 Jhett Carter (SE Elite 2025 Gold): When talking more about the coaches, they mentioned Carter was one to keep an eye on. The young brother of Jace Carter now at Texas A&M, Jhett is a 6’4 prospect that brought intrigue with his athleticism, his frame and size, his impact on the boards, and when he was able to excel out in transition.  He is a name to watch, along with the entire SE Elite program.

2023 Kendrell Brooks (Team Jumpstart): College coaches need to look at Brooks this weekend, as the unsigned 6’3 guard continues to show has strong he can be as an offensive weapon. He was demanding, assertive in getting downhill, bullying defenders and getting paint touches, and finding ways to score through and over defenders.  Strong start to his weekend at the Phenom Challenge.

2024 Jordan Patton (Upward Stars Carolinas): If you are looking for a player that brings value and helps team’s win games… Patton is your guy.  He continues to show how valuable he can be on the court; in high school he was a tremendous piece but now he is getting a chance to shine more.  He is a 6’4 long prospect, makes and finishes plays at the rim, and plays hard on both ends of the court as well as impact the game in a variety of ways.

2024 Jaquarious Patterson (Team KST): Patterson is a new name that came jumped out to us on Day 1. He is a 6’6 long and lengthy prospect, that showed flashes of his impact on the floor.  Whether it was finding ways to finish in the paint, showing patience and touch around the basket, or his ability to create a mismatch from outside, Patterson really mixed it up well and showed he can impact from multiple levels.