2025 Jack Bell: Bell is a young player that just understands how to work hard and what it means to have a tremendous motor on the court. He applied that on both sides of the floor, constantly moving to create opportunities and working hard on the defensive end.

2025 Lybrant Rush: He is a young man that has good size early on and is one that can make an impact on both sides of the floor. He was terrific in blocking shots and showed some tremendous athleticism as a young player but also an effective scorer, one that can initiate the offense and find others or create for himself.

2028 Davonta Lindsey: You don't always see a young player that has the floor sense and point guard skills that Lindsey shows as a rising prospect. He has tight handles, always is looking up, and just reads the floor incredibly well.  Has the tools to be a special point guard down the road.

2026 Grant Jacques: Even as one of the smaller guards, this young man was absolutely tough in how he created for himself and finished around the rim.  Showed a nice ability and patience in getting by defenders and finishing tough lay-ins but never forcing the matter.

2027 DeMarcus Henry: He stands out early on with his size but the wing type prospect showed that he can make an impact in an array of ways, scoring from multiple levels but also making some terrific passes in finding his teammates. 

2025 Drew Johnson: Johnson has been a name we have seen before and he continues to make steady progressions in his game.  Just has a natural feel and understanding of the game, playing with a high-IQ on the court and finishing through contact.

2026 Dionte Neal: Neal is going to be a name you hear quite often as he continues to get older.  You can just see that he has an advanced game for his age, with tremendous body control and scoring ability, breaking down defenders off the dribble and finishing through contact.

2025 Cam'ren Reyes: Reyes really captures your eyes with his size as a young prospect but he also brings a ton of versatility on the court.  He can play multiple positions on the floor. Excels out in the open floor, and understands how to finish well on the floor.

2027 J.J. Sati-Grier: He may have had the best handles we saw in the event and you can see he has been taught the game at an early age. With an advanced understanding of the game, especially as a point guard, Sati-Grier has the tools to be a terrific guard down the road.

2025 Li'Kim Leach: Looks to be another name to watch for in the Raleigh area, as this young man has an incredibly shifty game. He really excels in getting downhill and penetrating the lane, really embracing contact well and finishing. Played extremely well and consistent all throughout the camp

2027 Zachary Borrego: You can see that he has a nice understanding of the game early and has a nice outside shot as well. Makes smart decisions, moves well with or without the ball and gets to his spots.