2022 6’5 Fred Dilione (Trinity Christian)

This young prospect has a lot of potential as he continues to put the work in but today at the Hoops & Dreams, Dilione displayed a ton of confidence in his outside game.  His ability to spot up and step into his jumper with a smooth release is big time but he also uses his size on the boards and sees the floor really well.  And the fact that he is in the class of 2022 makes us think that this is only the start for this young man.

2020 6’8 Todd Burt (Trinity Christian)

Burt’s continuing growth as a player has been noticeable and fun to watch.  As a young prospect, he was raw and did a lot of his work in the paint.  Now, he is making an impact with his versatility, ability to run the floor, and step out on the offensive end.  Burt runs the floor very well and shows that he can play outside, as well as in (as well as guard multiple players on the defensive end). 

2020 6’2 Emmanuel Bonsu (Cape Fear Academy)

Bonsu is such a strong and gifted guard with the ball in his hands.  His ability to put the ball on the floor and attack, finishing through contact is where he thrives.  As a strong-bodied guard, it is what makes him tough to stop is that he can be a threat in multiple areas; body up smaller defenders with his strength, attack the paint, or make opponents pay with his pull-up jumper.  He gets great lift on his jumper that makes it tough for opponents to stop.

2020 6’2 Jajuan Carr (Pender)

Carr is an absolute tough prospect, whether he is the lead point guard initiating the offense or scoring off the ball.  His body control, change of pace and change of direction ALONE should have college coaches coming after him.  He has a nice blend of IQ, strength, and craft to his game and makes it look easy at times.  That doesn’t mention his vision and defensive capabilities.

2020 6’9 Aymeric Toussaint (Freedom Christian)

Toussaint could be labeled as a late bloomer but it seems to be clicking at the right moment.  As a 6’9 forward with the ability to run the floor on both ends, block shots, and post up in the paint is highly intriguing.  He moves really well and is agile around the rim, displaying that he can be crafty in his way of scoring.

2021 6’4 Jayden Doyle (Freedom Christian)

To simply put it… this junior guard is a bucket getter.  Every outing he has, he produces on all three levels, using his size/length to his advantage.  It is tough to start when he puts the ball on the floor but also shows a pure form with his jumper.  He knows how to score and he does it well.  He also can be a secondary ball-handler on the floor as well