2024 6’1 Gabriel Marquis (Team Raleigh): The young guard really captured some eyes with his play early on.  Plays with a calming and fluid feel on the floor, making plays for himself and for others.  He led the charge offensively, viewed the court, and made multiple plays for himself off the dribble or found open teammates.  Strong start for this young man.

2023 6’3 Nicholas Anthony (Team Raleigh): Another part of the guard duo for Team Raleigh, Anthony did a tremendous in being aggressive on the floor on both ends.  Offensively, he was able to create and get around defenders with the dribble and finish strong around the rim, while also being a defensive impact, really getting after his opponents. Anthony did a tremendous job in pushing the pace and finding his teammates or attacking the paint.

2023 Julien King (Team 3PB): King was the most consistent offensive threat for Grace, showing that he can knock down shots from the outside and from three, but also create and play strong, finishing well or getting to the rim.  Really confident outside jumper to his game.

2023 Freddie Dilione (Holy Rams): Dilione simply continues to develop and elevate his game.  He plays with such a natural feel on the court, making it look effortless at times and playing with such a smooth pace to his game.  His offensive game has only continued to elevate from all levels, showing more of his perimeter game and being a big threat from three while being able to create well for himself and finish.  It is easy to see why his recruitment continues to rise from this summer.

2023 Truman Claytor (Holy Rams): Claytor is one that I’m going to be very intrigued watching this year because I think his recruitment could only continue to grow. With his blend of a strong frame, ability to create for himself, stretch the floor with his fluid jumper, and impact the floor on the boards, and his unselfish play, Claytor is one that college coaches will want on his team and should be an impact player for Word of God this upcoming season.

2023 Ja’kwon Moore (Holy Rams): Moore is a special prospect and to be honest, the offers that he holds are valid but more schools should be making him a priority in their 2023 recruiting class. He checks off so many boxes with his game, his college-ready frame, his impact on the boards and defending multiple positions, his elite athleticism, and his developing offensive game.  He is something special to watch and poured it on in Week 1.

2023 Brandon Gardner (Holy Rams): As many said throughout the day… welcome Brandon Gardner to the Hoop State; it certainly won’t be the last time you hear his name.  There aren’t too many players at his size, with his athleticism and power, with his quick second-bounce, and just how agile he is on the court. A true difference-maker on both ends and it is easy to see why so many high-major schools are coming his way.

2022 Gary Williams (Grace Christian): Matched up against some tough opponents on the floor, Williams really played strong in Week 1 for his team. He defended and competed, brings versatility to the floor, and stretched the floor with his outside capability.  The senior had a strong showing and is hoping to continue that same play into the season.

2022 Ayinde Taylor II (Team Raleigh): In his second game of the weekend, was really impressed with the competitiveness and physicality that Taylor played with.  He played extremely hard, was active all around the basket, and finished strong and through contact.  Loved what he did in Game 2 for his team.

2023 Sam Martin (Strong Center Hart): Being the tallest player on the court in his game, Martin was extremely dominant.  The 6’9 prospect showcases strong and fluid post moves in the paint, great touch around the basket, runs the floor well for his size, and is showing his expanding game with his athleticism.

2022 Justin Monden (Raleigh’s Finest): Monden really stepped up in a tight game late in the afternoon.  Monden is a 5’11 quick guard that brings nice athleticism but really showcased his perimeter feel, knocking down six 3-pointers but also seeing the floor extremely well in transition.  He played extremely well in the second half to lead his team to the win.

2023 Nigel Okwakol (Juice All-Stars): Okwakol is an intriguing prospect with his 6’5 game and his ability to create for himself, his ability to score in an array of ways, his athleticism, and his ability to step out with his shot. He was extremely productive in Game 2 for Juice, leading the way with 23 points for his team.