2021 Cam Little (Patriots): Little looks to be a leader and one that can do a little bit of everything. He makes smart decisions, doesn’t force much, and has a fundamentally sound shooting stroke that he shows off in space.

2022 Daniel Sanford (Cougars 704): Sanford is going to be the guy for his team now and with what he has shown in how he continues to develop his overall game should have college coaches watching hard.  He is showing he feels comfortable roaming around in multiple areas of the court, be effective scoring but also showing a tremendous ability to run the floor. Finished with an impressive 30pts in the win.

2021 Chris Ford (Galvani’s Gunners): Ford can be a tough matchup for several teams, as he understands how to operate around the paint and can score in multiple ways but also rebound the ball and take it coast-to-coast.  He gave us a glimpse of it all in their win.

2021 Tony Waters (Galvani’s Gunners): Waters led the team in scoring but what really impressed us was the scrappiness he played with on both ends. Waters at times gets overlooked by he makes those hustle plays that coaches love; getting on the floor, making the right read, and scoring the ball effectively.

2024 Ezekiel Lee Brock (Team Wall 2024): A smaller guard but one that is shifty in the open court and has scored the ball pretty consistently all throughout the day.  Led his team again, he just has a knack for how to score the ball, whether it was with his pull up or off the dribble.

2023 John Henderson (RDC Lakers): Love find a few new names that impress and Henderson did so with the effort he put in.  He always seemed to be around the ball, making plays for his team, running the floor, and creating opportunities for himself.

2023 Tyler Thompson (Morrisville Mob): Thompson has had an impressive Day 1 and has really made a name for himself as a 6’5 2023 prospect. He is extremely active on both ends and uses that motor to outwork his opponents.  It helped him to get to the line and get on the boards for second-chance points.