Michael Dulin

2021 Michael Dulin (Carolina Riptide 2021): Dulin does a tremendous ability blend of scoring and being a playmaker on the court.  What makes him so tough on the court is that one can use him in so many ways and his length creates trouble for defenders, as he attacks the basket well but is also unselfish.

2022 Jonathan Foust (RC Kings): Just seemed to have a knack to be around the ball. Not the biggest player but used his length well and finished strong around the basket.  Showed a tremendous motor, defended well, and just seemed to always be around the rim.

2021 Clay Hodges (Carolina Riptide 2021): Hodges is just so much fun to watch operate on the floor. The point guard just has a natural feel for the game, especially finding his teammates.  Continue to enjoy how he sees the floor and sets up his teammates.

2022 Montez Green (Anthony Morrow): Green did a tremendous job in staying aggressive, attacking the rim, and getting out in the open floor.  He finished several times tough at the rim against defenders but also showed his range.

2021 Jacori Outlaw (Anthony Morrow): Outlaw is a name you have heard over the years and he continues to be a productive prospect.  What can make him tough is his ability to work inside and out but he brings a 6’6 frame. 

2023 JJ Moore (Team Sky): Moore has really been one of my favorite players to watch this summer and is going to be one to watch this upcoming season.  He plays with such a quick pace but under control and he doesn’t need much time to find ways to score; scores all over the place.

2021 Dontavius Nash (Team Sky): He was extremely aggressive, attacking defenders and putting the pressure on them.  He got to the free-throw line and scored consistently all game long, on his way to 26 points to lead the team.