2022 Christ Essandoko (WS Christian): Essandoko had a strong showing, ultimately finishing with a double-double for WS Christian.  He played strong and physical, was active down in the paint, and showcased his touch around the basket and ability to finish.  Also liked his activity level on the boards, as well as getting his opponent Somto in foul trouble.  The big man played really well and was a strong presence in the paint. 

2022 Rasean McMiller (WS Christian): McMiller doesn’t always get the recognition he deserves with the talent this team has but he is one that understands his role, plays hard on both sides of the floor, and just makes those game-winning plays that help his team in a big way. Really like his presence on both ends of the court, scrappy defender, and has a physical feel while also taking advantage of scoring opportunities on the court.

2023 Jordann Dumont (Hamilton Heights): The 6’8 prospect had a strong performance and helped lead the charge for his team, showcasing his long and fluid game, his ability to knock down shots from multiple levels along with his versatility. He has a smooth shot from the perimeter, plays with a terrific IQ, and uses his length extremely well on both sides of the floor.

2023 Camden Andrews (Hamilton Heights): Really liked what I saw out of the point guard on the floor.  He has a natural feel with the ball in his hands, seeing the floor, playing with a terrific pace, and knocking down shots from the perimeter. He finished with 20 points and made some tough shots to keep his team within striking distance.

2022 Preston Murphy (Combine Academy): Murphy had a strong showing with his ability to operate out in transition, play at a great pace, and get downhill, while also playing strong defense.  He really played scrappy defense and got into his defender, while also being an initiator with his speed.  Played smart and got after it on both ends.

2022 AJ Smith (Combine Academy): Smith just battles each time he is on the floor. Tonight, he continued to do the same, doing what he does best in getting downhill, finishing well around the basket, and battling through contact.  He also showed his ability to knock down the mid-range shot and help on the boards.

2023 Hamilton Campbell (Moravian Prep): The other guard that helps run the show and initiates the offense, Campbell played with a ton of confidence on the floor, was creative with the ball in his hands, was able to find his teammates for open shots, and made smart decisions late in the game.  Played really well in an array of ways to help his team win.

2022 Justin Banks (Moravian Prep): Banks had a terrific showing and did what he needed to do for his team.  For a team that spreads the ball so well, Banks provides a big presence for this team down low in the paint as well as on the boards.  He has a very good wingspan, finished strong at the rim and through contact, and was all over the boards.  Banks doesn’t always get the credit he deserves but he played a big part in his team’s win today.