2024 Jullien Cole (NC Jayhawks): Cole has really opened some eyes this summer with his play, showing what the 6’4 prospect can do and his impact on the court.  He did so one more time on Day 2, using his body to get downhill and create, but also making sure his impact was felt in an array of other areas including on the boards, finding teammates, and on the defensive side.

2024 Isaiah Stryon (NC Wildcats): Stryon came out red hot on Day 2, ultimately leading his team with 30 points and scoring all over the court. Whether it was his ability to score from the perimeter or to put the ball on the deck and create, Stryon just found ways to get the ball in the hoop.

2025 Trajan Thompson (Underrated Athletes): I haven’t had a chance to personally watch to much of Thompson, so getting a view of his game was key this weekend.  And I liked what I saw from the young man and can see why people are intrigued with his game. First, he has great size at around 6’5 or so, handles well

2025 Issac Byers (Carolina Storm): Byers was the star on Day 2 for his team but he also has been consistent all weekend long with his play. The 2025 guard can be explosive and quick with the ball in his hands, looking to create and get into the paint or get to the line.  He continued to stay in attack mode throughout but also knocked down a few key shots from outside when needed. 

2023 Graham Worland (Phenom ESA): Worland has really been strong all weekend long, putting up some impressive numbers and showing just what he provides for his team.  That is why it will be interesting to watch him at Moravian Prep and their style of play.  But Worland can be a tough matchup, especially with his strong shooting capability from outside but also his 6’5 taking advantage of matchups. Really like his feel, his decision-making, his IQ, and how he can be used on the court.

2023 Jahreece Lynch (NC Spartans): Lynch was a standout on Day 1 and backed it up with another incredible performance on Day 2 to give his team a tough win.  Going for 32 and hitting the game-winner, Lynch just brings that rugged mentality to the court. Whether it is his defensive presence, his ability to embrace contact, or playing with something to prove, Lynch just plays so hard on the court.

2023 Antonio Perkins (DCT): Perkins is a player that I think has seen his stock rise, especially with what he is able to provide without being in the spotlight.  He has been incredibly productive, mixing up his offensive arsenal, being that tough presence and battling in the paint and on the boards, and just bringing production to the court for his team.  Perkins quietly gets it done and has only helped his team win a ton of games.

2023 Jaden Lyles (EA Prep): What a performance Lyles put on for his team. In a tight game, Lyles put his team on his back by going of for 32 points and really scoring any way possible.  Every time we have seen him though, whether in high school or during travel ball, Lyles has been a force with his ability to get downhill, embrace and battle through contact, and just find ways to score the ball.  He did so in a big way today when his team needed him.

2024 Champion Hayden (Team Snow): Over the entire weekend, Hayden has really impressed with his overall play.  He is a tough guard that makes plays with the ball in his hands and really showed that he can fill it up all weekend long, averaging 20+ points per game.  Competes, can facilitate, and can create for himself.  Very good weekend for the guard overall.