2025 Jayden Ross (Elite 1): It was fun to watch Ross operate early on Day 1.' He continues to show his development as a player, while showing his ability to not only knock down shots but also be a playmaker on the floor. Really like his feel and pace that he plays with, picking his spots and displaying a soft touch on his shot.'

2028 Eddie Cota (Carolina Heights): The son of Ed Cota, you can see that he has that floor general mentality at a young age.' Being a standout before, Cota continues to display his feel for the game, helping run the show, but also making his impact felt in a variety of other ways as a young rising player.' Though a young prospect, he is going to be a name you will want to watch out for in the coming years.

2028 Jamarion Ingram (Catawba Splash): Another rising prospect that I stumbled upon and watch, and he is a player that could blossom into a player as he gets older, develops his game, and gets stronger.' But Ingram already intriguing size, pushing 6'0 already and terrific length already. He has a solid understanding on how to use size early on and if he continues to get bigger, watch for his name to pop up more.

2028 Zion Lawson (Carolina Heights): Alongside Cota, it was Lawson who really shined as an offensive piece for this team.' Whether it was his ability to create and make plays off the dribble or get to his spots and knock down his confident shot, Lawson really filled it up for his team from multiple levels on the court.

2023 Corey Gaines (Team Relentless): Gaines is one of those players that you just want to have on your team.' He does what is needed for his team to win, makes plays on both sides, and can step up to be an offensive threat as well. Early on Day 1, he stepped up offensively, finishing tough shots and getting inside the defense but also knocking down shots. But he continued to make his presence as a leader on both offense and defense.' Just a gritty player that really elevated his game to start the weekend.

2024 Langston Boyd (EA Prep): Boyd continues to be a bucket-getter on the floor, using his body well, embracing contact, and not backing down.' His ability to score can be impressive, especially inside the arc as he gets out and finishes at the rim, bodies through defenders, or knock down shots with his jumper.

2024 Desmond Kent (Crossover Elite): Kent has really had a strong summer and opened eyes to what he could provide on the court.' The long, wiry prospect continues to showcase his ability to be a scoring threat in finishing around defenders and at the basket, but also adding more to his overall feel.' Think he could be a nice piece this high school season for his team.

2025 Darnerian Gibson (Carolina Rockets): Gibson should be a name you hear more often.' He showed why early on today at the Summer Finale; just how tough he is as a point guard, how he can be a floor general and make plays, and his ability to score tough baskets and finish around defenders. 'Love how he sees and reads the floor, isn't afraid to finish inside, but also can knock down shots as well.

2024 Maddox Watson (Hoop Dreams Training): Watson came out firing and was red hot from the floor to start the weekend. Watson, how possesses good size, really put his motor and his scoring capability on display. Smooth outside shot from three, getting to his spots well and knocking down shots with a fluid motion, but also impacting the game on the boards and a variety of other ways. Went off for 31 points to start his weekend.