2021 Bryce McGowens (Legacy Early): Even though McGowens didn’t have the best shooting day, you still have to see just how well he can operate and his mentality on the court. He knows how to create his own shot, use his tremendous length to finish over or around defenders at the rim or showcase his perimeter shooting.  Even though his shot wasn’t’ falling, he still score 20 points and made a living at the line in the game.

2023 Jeremy Fears (La Lumiere): Really loved this young man’s presence on the floor at the guard position. Just seemed to make an impact and plays for himself and for his team, scoring and getting downhill (also helping get to the line) but also helping out getting on the boards or playing unselfish basketball.

2022 Vincent Iwuchukwu (La Lumiere): Long, lengthy prospect that man’s the paint, played hard, and used his size to finish over defenders or getting on the boards.  Already one of the top big’s in the class of 2022, Iwuchukwu just has a nice feel down low, moves well on the floor, and can just get up high at the rim or on the boards. Finished with a double-double on Monday with 13 points, 12 rebounds.

2022 Keyonte George (ISchool of Lewisville): Really do think George is going to be a star in the making.  He just seems to have all those intangibles that translate well in the coming years.  He is wired to score and has that mentality that you absolutely love. Even though the three-ball didn’t fall as it does in the past, he has incredible range, good body control when attacking downhill to get the ball on the rim, or to get to the line. Scored 27 points in the loss.

2023 Matt Reed (ISchool of Lewisville): Reed played really efficient basketball. The young forward stepped out nicely with his pull-up, facing up and showing he can operate from outside, but also ran the floor well, got on the boards, and displayed good hands.  Showed a really good understanding on the floor and should get more looks.

2023 Caleb Foster (Oak Hill): Foster is one that we are quite familiar with but he continues to show and impress with his natural feel for the game at a young age. He plays under control, at his pace, and it just feels like the game slows down for him on the floor. With his size, he impacts the floor incredibly well as a point guard, finishing the day with 17 points, 3-for-6 from three, seven rebounds, and eight assists.

2022 MJ Rice (Oak Hill): From when we use to watch him in North Carolina to where he is today, you can easily see that this young man has worked tirelessly on his game.  He has continued to expand his feel and scoring out to the perimeter and can now truly operate on all levels and take advantage of the mismatch on the court, especially with his strength and frame to body down low as well.  He is just absolutely relentless offensively and there aren’t many that can slow him down.