The Phenom Hoop Report Top 80 camps bring all the top talent from around the state all under one roof and there is just a different feel when these players step on the court.  Phenom Hoops headed back to Lexington high school once again for the South Carolina Top 80 and man, it did not disappoint.

One could sit down and talk about each player from the event, which we will in our evaluations but here are a few players that caught our eyes from the event first-hand.

2022 6’2 Lebron Thomas

Thomas plays well above his age as it seems like the game comes easy and slow to him on the floor.  He fills up the box score in an array of ways, whether it is scoring, dishing, and/or rebounding.  There is no surprise why college coaches are looking at him early and it simply is fun to watch him play.  His ability to see the floor is one of the best in the camp.

2020 6’4 Tyler Bowens

Bowens excels around the paint more than outside but that is where he really showcases what he is capable of doing.  At 6’4, he plays bigger than listed.  His strength and athleticism allow him to take contact and finish through it.  There weren’t too many players that were going to outwork him.

2021 6’4 Russell Felton Jr.

Felton is one of the hardest workers at the camp.  He playing tough, with heart, and plays with a chip on his shoulder; looking to prove everyone wrong.  What you have to like about his game is his ability to rise over defenders, score with his jumper or simply outwork his opponent (on offense and defense).

2022 6’5 Marvin Hires

Continuing to show what he did at the Phenom 150 the week before, Hires just has a great diversity in his game.  He has a football-size frame, but is incredibly nimble and has great footwork.  That doesn’t’ mention his underrated handles and vision.  As he keeps on working in developing his overall feel, Hires has a ton of potential.

2021 6’2 Robert McCray

McCray has such a unique blend of speed and athleticism to his game; it is hard for defenders to keep him in front of them.  He will fly high in transition and initiates the offense well.  Really enjoy his game in the open court.

2021 6’2 Bailey Wiseman

Wiseman can talk it up but also back it up with his play.  His ability to handle the ball, make quick decisions/ moves and attack, finding his spot and using a quick release mid-range game, he can be deadly.  You have to really enjoy watching his game and it is fun to watch.