2023 CJ Rich (Spring Valley): Rich was a tough guard all day long. Showcased his speed with the ball in his hands, staying aggressive and picked his spots to attack, and was also strong on the defensive end.  Was impressed with his court awareness and his on-ball defense.

2027 6'5 Josh Leonard (Florence): Hard to believe someone at his size already is just in seventh grade but that is where Leonard is.  He is certainly going to be a player that you will want to jot down and watch for the future, as he has a polished skill set, understands the game early, and has a terrific blend of size and IQ, to go along with a smooth shot. Future looks bright for him.

2024 Christian Andrews (Dorman): It is going to be fun to watch this young man at Dorman in the coming years. Very skilled point guard that just has the natural ability to be a playmaker on the floor. Andrews sees the floor very well, creates for others off the dribble, but also can score the ball well when needed.

2024 Julen Iturbe (Riverside): Iturbe is one that we found intriguing, especially with his size and body, using it to body up opponents but also how nimble and active he was as a forward.  He was very comfortable in putting the ball on the floor and creating as a forward, as well as popping out for his outside shot.

2022 Jamie Muldowney (Trinity Collegiate): Another skilled prospect with size, Muldowney was really able to open some eyes with his versatility and ability to put the ball on the deck and finish. He runs the floor well, is effective in getting around his defender, and finishing strong around or at the rim.

2022 Lebron Thomas (Trinity Collegiate): Thomas has already been a staple in South Carolina but he really came out here and showcased his game and just how much of an impact he can make. There is no doubt that he left it all out there and was a competitor, but he also continued to show just how much of an impact he can have in scoring, on the boards, and getting others involved. He competed well all game long.

2023 Grayson Kirk (Lancaster): Really just enjoy the way that Kirk operates on the court.  He has shown to really be a scoring factor all throughout the summer and continued, showing touch and lift on his shot, and simply with a nice feel in not forcing anything on the court.